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A Letter To The Girl Who Was Just An Option

A Letter To The Girl Who Was Just An Option

Hey You,

I know that I am probably not the only one who sees that sorrow in your eyes. And I know someone’s eyes can be so sad and tortured only because of love. In your case, it was a lack of love unfortunately.

I know you couldn’t listen to your friends while they were telling you that he doesn’t deserve you. I know it was difficult to trust them because your heart kept telling you something that was totally the opposite of what your head was telling you.

Even if you won’t listen to me, I will repeat my words again: “He doesn’t deserve you!”

So, please burn the bridges between the two of before it is too late. Don’t let him break your heart into pieces, and leave you broken and emotionally damaged. No man has the right to do something like that. And he is not an exception.

Can’t you see that he comes only when it is convenient to be with you—he gets what he wants and then leaves you? Without even saying goodbye.

Can’t you see that he is hiding you from his friends? If a man loves a woman, he would show off in front of everyone with her.

But no, this guy hides you from the rest of the world and tends to see you only in dark hotel rooms. Where nobody knows you—where he can keep you as his secret. Because that’s what you are—just a secret.

The one who comes when life gets tough, to tell him that everything will be okay. The one who stays awake all night long listening to his problems, while he falls asleep the same second you start talking about yours.

Please, listen to me because I’ve been there.

I was also a woman who was just an option and never a priority. I was the one who was trapped in his net of lies. I was the one who was blindly in love, but unfortunately, he didn’t feel the same.

What you have now is just an almost relationship. And darling, you don’t deserve such a thing. You don’t deserve a half man. You deserve it all or nothing at all.

Just think about it: If he really loves you, he would have introduced you to his family and friends. If he loves you, he would have put a label on your relationship.

If he cares, he wouldn’t let you cry thinking about the words he said just to get rid of you that day.

So, don’t overanalyze his messages because there is nothing clever you can figure out there.

Don’t trust him when he says he loves you because he had said that before and then didn’t show up for days. Don’t believe in his sweet talk or kisses because it is all fake. And that is not something you deserve.

You aren’t the second option!

You are a beautiful, smart, successful and easygoing young lady. So, don’t let him lead on you. You deserve better. You deserve a man who will love you to the moon and back and always be there when you need him.

Not when it is convenient for him, but when it is convenient for the both of you. You deserve someone who will call you just to check how your day was.

You deserve someone who will buy you flowers just like that, without any reason. But the biggest reason will be that he loves you—and that is more than enough.

You deserve someone who will love you unconditionally.

You deserve a man who will make you his priority!

Bear in mind that that day will come. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will come eventually. And when that happens, you will finally see what it feels like to be someone’s first choice—every single time!


A girl who was the second option