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When You Love Someone, You Never Stop Trying

When You Love Someone, You Never Stop Trying

Love is more than empty words. Love is not just a feeling—it’s also all the actions that follow to prove the feeling of love. You don’t just say you love, you show it, too.

When you care for someone, you don’t ever let them see you turning your back on them. You don’t allow them to feel unwanted or like they’re not worthy of love.

You don’t break their heart by giving up on them. You stay and you fight as long as you can.

When you care about someone and you promise to stay, you do everything you can to keep your promise.

You fight everything and everyone in this world that stands between and that someone you love.

You show how much that person means to you by staying even when someone else would’ve walked away a long time ago. Because you truly love when you’re fierce in loving.

When you care for someone and you’ve promised to stay, you’re in it for better or for worse. You don’t only love the beautiful parts, you love the ugly ones as well.

You don’t only accept the good sides, you accept the imperfections as well. You don’t judge the person you love because of the mistakes they make, instead, you love them even more for being human.

When you love someone, you never stop showing them your feelings. You never let them wonder what is it that you feel for them.

You never confuse them by only telling what you feel—you show it as well. You never stop showing your affection; you never stop giving your love.

When you care for someone, you never stop telling them how much they mean to you. You never let them forget your feelings. You never let them believe that someone else has taken their place.

You make sure that they know how much they mean to you. You repeat day after day how you’re happy to have someone like them in your life.

You never fail to mention how they complete you and how your life probably wouldn’t be the same without them.

When you care for someone, you don’t stop at the first bump on the road—or at second, or fifth or hundred and fiftieth.

You don’t give up on your love or on the people when you meet the first obstacle in your relationship.

That’s not how you do love. You stay and you wait till the storm passes.

You do all you can to save those you care about from the storm and you observe it as a test of your love where you actually prove your feelings and where you keep your promise that you’re going to stay.

When you care for someone, you never stop trying. You never rest for a minute.

You keep them in your heart all the time. And you never allow yourself to get tired of trying.

You listen to what they have to say. You pay attention to their feelings and their needs.

You keep trying to meet their needs and be the best version for yourself as well for them.

You stay even when they tell you not to. Because you know that they’re pushing you the most when they need you the most.

So, you don’t walk away. You stay and you show them your love.

You help them overcome their insecurities and all that’s making them question your relationship.

You never stop trying for people who matter. You never stop trying for people who care about you and whom you care about the most.

You never give up on loving them and you never get tired of that love.

You put all your effort to keep the fire burning and you never give up on fighting for those who matter.

Because there are plenty of things that you might give up on, but you should never give up on the love that’s worthy of being in your life.