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Lower Back Tattoos Are Back And They’re Hotter Than Ever

Lower Back Tattoos Are Back And They’re Hotter Than Ever

Lower back tattoos lost their appeal when everyone started wearing high-waisted jeans, but with the resurgence of low rise everything, they’re making a grand comeback.

This time around, you can expect the classics alongside some updated pieces: the inescapable butterflies, tribal and cyber designs, cute and feminine details, but also larger, more elaborate tattoos.

Ahead, see some of our favorite designs to get you inspired.

1. Ornamental Lower Back Tattoo

Ornamental designs are commonly placed on the thigh and chest, but if you’re interested in this style, the lower back might be the spot you’ve been looking for—it provides a broad canvas for elaborate, intricate pieces like this jewelry-inspired design, and it’s much easier to show off.

2. Neo-Tribal Tattoo

Abstract or tribal designs might seem random if you’re not familiar with the style, but those that follow the body’s contours are among the most personal tattoos you can get. This stunning piece flows naturally over the curves of the body and suits it perfectly.

3. Snake Lower Back Tattoo

Vertical tattoos are more common on the upper back, but this little snake fits perfectly right where it is! With a design like this, you can reveal just a part above the waistband, leaving people curious about what’s hiding underneath.

4. Abstract Lower Back Tattoo

How cute is this abstract design? It’s fun, almost like a doodle, and perfect for the lower back if you want something visually intriguing.

5. Tribal Heart Tattoo

Here’s a classic lower back tattoo: a blade-like tribal pattern curving to form a heart shape at the center. Striking and cool!

6. Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo

Why are butterfly tattoos so popular? Besides their deep symbolism—they represent transformation and beauty—they are also pretty and can fit into various styles, like this decorative piece.

7. Mandala Flower Tattoo

The lower back is a trendy placement for tattoos right now, but it’s also one of the best spots for large pieces like this ornamental mandala flower. This beautiful tattoo is bold and feminine.

8. Dainty Butterflies Tattoo

When one butterfly isn’t enough, get a whole bunch! Luckily, you have plenty of space on your lower back. The fine lines and sparkly design look stunning here.

9. Ornamental Tribal Tattoo

The sharp lines and curves wrapping around the lower back make this tribal tattoo so striking. The combination of black and shaded areas creates a bold design that softens into a heart shape.

10. Moth Tattoo

Not into sparkles and butterflies, but still want something that has a similar vibe? If you prefer a darker aesthetic, a moth tattoo on your lower back might be what you’re after.

11. Cyberscript Butterfly Tattoo

It doesn’t get any more girly than a pink butterfly lower back tattoo with a tiny heart and dangly jewels.

12. Angel Wings With Devil Horns Tattoo

These little angel wings with even smaller devil horns are perfect if you want to show that you have a naughty side. Hide the horns with a top when you’re feeling extra playful.

13. Gothic Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

The thick black lines of this gothic tribal design are bold and ominous, and the butterfly doesn’t fall far behind despite its translucent wings. Gorgeous!

14. Intertwined Snakes Tattoo

This tattoo of intertwined snakes facing off in the middle of the back looks incredible! It’s the perfect placement for a large piece, spanning from the lower to middle back and following the curves of the body.

15. Lotus Flower Tattoo

With a glowing blue gem in the middle, this lotus flower tattoo is so beautiful you’ll want to wear crop tops all the time.

16. Y2K Lower Back Tattoo

Here’s a tiny version of the tribal heart that was super popular in the 2000s. Like everything else from that era, it’s back on trend!

17. Hello Kitty Tattoo

If a tribal Hello Kitty tattoo never occurred to you, now you’ve seen it all. Your ink is only limited by your imagination—and your artist’s skill. Anything is possible.

18. Cybersigilism Tattoo

Cybersigilism tattoos use thin lines and sharp angles to create patterns that have a cyberpunk look mixing organic and artificial forms. They symbolize our connection to technology, which is clear from this design creating a heart shape from lines resembling circuitry.