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You Have To Make A Decision To Heal Your Soul Even If It Hurts Your Heart

You Have To Make A Decision To Heal Your Soul Even If It Hurts Your Heart

You thought that you’d found your forever love. He was the only man you ever loved.

Your love for him was pure and deep like an ocean itself. Your feelings were sincere and strong.

You thought that your love was one of a kind and that you wouldn’t love anyone as much as you loved him.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t see the other side of that love story. Your love made you blind.

You turned a blind eye to his fatal flaws and the fact that he was wrong for you.

young woman with dark hair standing outside

Actually, you fell in love with the version of him that you created in your head. The reality was so different, messed up and bad.

After some time, you realized that your honest love didn’t let you see the real him, the man who took your love for granted.

The man who didn’t deserve you. The man who wouldn’t shed a single tear for you.  The man who only used your naivety and your sincere love.

You always found some excuses for his behavior. You justified whatever he did to you because you thought that he was just having a bad day.

You were afraid of saying what bothered you because he made you think that your opinion was wrong.

You didn’t want to stand up to his criticism or to ask him for things you needed because you were afraid of his rejection or that he’d leave you.

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You hoped that he’d change. You prayed every day for that moment to happen. And it never did.

You should know that you can’t change a man who never wanted to change.

Your soul was exhausted. The damage that his so-called ‘love’ left on your soul was almost irreparable.

You immediately knew that healing from all of it would be one of the most difficult tasks you would have to do.

Your only mistake was believing in love that didn’t exist. Oh, I am sorry, it did exist, but only on your side.

And that makes it even worse. A one-sided love is the greatest pain a person can feel.

couple standing by the lake

One day, you woke up and finally realized that he wasn’t worth it and it made you feel ready for everything that was coming.

His betrayal was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You decided that it was enough, you couldn’t put up with him anymore.

He ruined your self-esteem. When you left him, you understood that there was no one to hinder you anymore.

You wanted to work on yourself. To show your worth to yourself and to the rest of the world.

You came to the conclusion that love is not enough, especially if it is one-sided love. A healthy relationship needs a lot more than love.

You need to nurture it every day in order to make it last.  It needs everything that man was never able to give you.

young woman look thoughtful and looking outside

In order to find true happiness, you had to make the right decision—to let go. Let go of him and move the hell on.

I won’t lie to you. It always hurts. Your heart will now be broken into pieces.

You will think that you will never fully heal or be able to find a new love.

Leaving him was one of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make. Believe me and don’t give up.

You will collect all the broken pieces of your heart and glue them together again. You’ll gather the strength to move on.

You’ll survive and it will all be just one bad dream for you. A dream you left where it belongs—in the past.

sad woman sitting by the lake

You will set yourself new goals and dreams. And every day you will work to make them happen and to be a better version of yourself.

Give yourself time to heal. You will meet the one who will love you the way you deserve. You know, the way you loved him.

Try to find the strength in your pain. Try to put yourself back together again and you will find out that you are stronger than you were before.

He was meant to be a part of your journey but obviously, he wasn’t meant to stay until the end.

It’s time for you to be happy again and that’s why you must move on. Close that chapter.  Don’t let one bad experience make you afraid to live your life.

God sends us some people as a blessing to our life but he also sends us some people to teach us a lesson.  He was your lesson BUT you’ll find your blessing one day.

You Have To Make A Decision To Heal Your Soul Even If It Hurts Your Heart