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4 Differences Between A Man Who Is Really Down For You And A Guy Who Is Only Down For The Moment

4 Differences Between A Man Who Is Really Down For You And A Guy Who Is Only Down For The Moment

As much as you might not like it, the sad truth is that not every man who enters your life will turn out to be your forever person.

In fact, some of them are only interested in you at the present moment, while rare have the intention of loving you until the end of time.

However, how can you tell the difference between these two types? Well, we’re here to give you 4 things that differentiate a man who is really down for you from a guy who is only down for the moment.

1. Present vs. the future

The first difference between these two guys lies in the time frame under which they observe your relationship.

A guy who is just down for the moment will be only concerned with the present. He wants to have a good time right now and isn’t concerned about anything else.

At first, you’re delighted that you’ve finally met someone so relaxed and easy-going.

You’re happy that you found a man who knows how to enjoy every breath he takes and who lives his life to the fullest.

However, once you meet a mature man who is really down for you, you see that the first guy never actually treated you seriously.

He did live in the moment but that was only because he never saw a future for you two together.

On the contrary, this man has plans which include you. He sees you two growing old together and he thinks of you as his permanent love and romantic partner.

2. Being next to you when it’s going well vs. being always there for you

Spending time next to someone who is in a good place in life is a piece of cake. After all, everyone enjoys being in the presence of happy and optimistic people who share good and positive vibes.

So, when you meet a guy who doesn’t leave your side while you’re at your best, you think that this is the real deal.

However, if this dude is interested in nothing but a temporary romance, you’re likely to see his back as soon as things get rough. He has no patience and no time to deal with your crap.

He doesn’t care about your problems and doesn’t consider helping you out to be his obligation.

Well, that’s where someone who is really down for you is different. This man won’t only stand by your side through the good times. In fact, he’ll love you the same at your best and at your worst.

Just as the usual wedding vows say, he’ll be there for you through sickness and health and on both good and bad days.

3. Wanting to change you vs. accepting you

Another sign that you’re dealing with a guy who is only down for the moment is the fact that he wants to put you in a box.

This dude will fall in love with your potential and he’ll spend your entire relationship trying to change the essence of who you actually are.

On the other hand, when love is real, the other person doesn’t love you despite your flaws.

In fact, he loves you because of them, since he knows that your imperfections are also a part of the woman you are today.

He accepts you for who you truly are, without making any conditions and without expecting you to make any kind of modifications to your appearance or personality.

4. Loving your body vs. wanting the entire package

Let’s be honest—the first thing a guy notices about you is your physical looks. After all, at first sight, he can’t possibly know that you have a kind heart or a loving soul.

Nevertheless, when you’re dealing with a dude who is only down for the moment, he is not interested in digging underneath your layers.

He is more than happy with the fact that he has a beautiful woman by his side and he doesn’t care about anything else. Basically, this man only loves your body.

Then, on the opposite side, we have a real man who wants the whole package. Yes, he is also attracted by your appearance but he knows there are many more important things to love about you.