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All I Really Want Is A Man With A Kind Soul Who Keeps My Heart Safe

All I Really Want Is A Man With A Kind Soul Who Keeps My Heart Safe

She knew she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place to being a person.” — E. Leventhal

I think that almost every girl, deep down in her heart, wants something like what she sees in old-school movies.

A passionate but sweet love. A relationship that lasts a lifetime. A story with a happy ending.

We want a man who can make us feel safe and appreciated. The kind of a man we can share our deepest thoughts and feelings with. That’s what real intimacy is.

It’s not only about being intimate on a physical level; it’s about diving deep into the soul of another person and showing them all the parts of ourselfour sensuality, innocence, beauty, fears, anger, sadness, pride…

That’s why you need a man with a kind soul.

Somebody who sees more than a body and isn’t scared to know everything there is to know about you; somebody who knows relationships are challenging and is brave enough to be in one anyway.

It’s easy to find a man who will be your lover but that just isn’t enough. He needs to be your best friend too.

A real man will want to share his life with you and that includes all the tough things life has in store for us. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for casual dating or passion with no depth.

You want someone who will pick you up when you’re at your lowest and show you the way out.

You want someone to look at you like you’re the most precious thing every single day of the week, even when you look and feel like a mess.

You want someone who will miss you when you’re not around even if it’s been only a few hours because they enjoy your presence so much; who will give you forehead kisses and hold your hand through life.

It’s normal to want a partner you can count on, someone who will protect you, someone you can trust, someone to adore you.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a relationship filled with trust, kindness and patience.

There’s nothing more valuable than a person who can always make you laugh, who never gets bored of you or puts you down.

Despite what everyone says, real men do exist and they are the ones with kind souls. They’re not a myth.

You can recognize them by the way they look into your eyes and don’t back away. They’re not scared to say I love you or make an effort.

Men like that don’t care about the opinions of others because they know what life is really about. They’re not slaves to trends or superficial things.

They don’t care if you look a certain way because they have already seen your inner beauty.

They don’t remind you of your mistakes but help you heal the pain those mistakes caused you.

They keep reminding you of how significant you are in their eyes and how happy they are to have you.

With a man like that, you will never feel like a burden. You will never feel like something is unsolvable. You will never feel crazy, annoying, boring or unwanted.

Until you find a man like that, keep working on yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself and let loose.

The best things come to us once we learn to let go of old fears. Make room for something new. Be brave enough to dream of something you thought was impossible.

Believe that the man of your dreams exists. Once he appears in your life, you’ll know it and you will smile.

All the things that happened before will finally make sense because they led you to him.

Together, you will live that old-school kind of love, full of passion, sweetness and trust that goes beyond what words can explain.