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Men Ranked From Good In Bed To Average According To Their Zodiac Sign

Men Ranked From Good In Bed To Average According To Their Zodiac Sign



A Libra man has it all covered, from vanilla lovemaking to your wildest fantasies coming true.  

He is all about mutual pleasure, and he will be just if not even more concentrated on your pleasure than on his own.

Libras are creative by nature, and they transfer that same creativity to the bedroom.

There is always something new and exciting waiting to happen upon your next encounter.

They are extremely patient, and they will never rush things. They know that the best things in life happen spontaneously.

One of their best traits is that they live for the here and now, and when lovemaking is concerned, you can genuinely feel that it’s just him and you.

Nothing else can touch you or spoil that perfect moment of physical closeness.



If you want to be treated like a queen, share your bed with a king. Leos will concentrate on your pleasure.

They want to make a good impression and leave their partner craving for more.

They love to be the best at everything they do. Love making is included and at the top of their priority list.

Leo men who suck in bad are rare, and you can’t judge the whole pride of lions by just one bad kitten.

Leos are dominant, passionate, and dedicated. Now imagine all those traits directed to your pleasure only. There’s no way he can fail.



Scorpios are the most passionate zodiac sign. They are as passionate in life as they are in bed.

They don’t like mediocre things. That’s why they will be all in while they are with you.

They have a freakishly high sex drive, and they will never pass up an opportunity to get down and dirty.

They are loyal and devoted by nature. That’s why most of them prefer lovemaking to casual sex.

They are well aware that practice makes perfect which is why they will concentrate on making their significant other completely happy in and out of bed instead of exploring the territory.



Who would have thought that there was so much warmth hidden behind Taurus’ tough exterior?

He is a very tender lover and always up for a good cuddling session after the act.

If you prefer a lover for life rather than a lover for a night, Taurus is your man.

Taureans connection to Venus makes them crave stability and love, and they are generally more interested in things being meaningful than just getting it done.

That’s why they put their body, heart, and soul all in during intercourse with their significant other.

Instead of obsessing with their own needs and desires Taureans listen to what you have to say, and they do their best to make it happen.

Their listening skills are the very thing that make them magnificent lovers.



An Aquarian is like a breath of fresh air. He is open-minded and by default, open to new ideas.

He is innovative, and you never know what new steamy idea he has up his sleeve.

As if that wasn’t enough, Aquarius is truly a selfless lover, and he will be focused on your pleasure only.

He is intelligent and perceptive and therefore able to sense your every desire.

Just by monitoring your body movements and subtle hints you are giving him, he will know all the things you want him to do, and he will follow them like a map.



For a Sag, the sex act begins with a conversation. He will really talk the talk and have you yearning for him before he even lays a hand on you.

He believes that building sexual tension will make the whole situation more heated, and if you play along, you will find out soon enough that he is right.

Sagittarians have an impeccable sense of humor, and it’s not just their seduction tool.

They can joke their way out of an embarrassing situation which is a handy tool that will make you both feel more comfortable and relaxed around each other and bring you closer.



Arians are one of the most sexually dominant zodiac signs, and if you don’t mind being bossed around in bed, they are a perfect match for you.

If you are dominant yourself, than you won’t be compatible unless you are able to make him think he is in charge and make his every desire come true.

An Aries man loves to feel desirable and wanted, and if you send a few compliments his way, he will just crave you more.



Pisces prioritize friendship and romance to physical intimacy.

They will put a lot more effort into emotional rather than into sexual intimacy which is not bad if they are coupled up with someone with a similar sex drive.

He likes a woman who is daring enough to take the initiative.

He will hardly ever be up to that task because he is a bit insecure, and he needs the other side to make the extra effort.

He needs time to feel comfortable, and he might be a bit reserved at the beginning, but as  things progress, he will start to open up and show the kinky side he is hiding.



A Gemini man can be the best you ever had or the worse you ever had, and it will depend on his mood.

His dual personality is shifty, so it will all depend on whether he feels like a lover or observer at a given moment.

If he is an observer, then he is an extremely selfish lover, and he will only be interested in all the ways in which you can please him without being mindful of your needs.

If he is a lover, he will be all in, and he will put his A game on when it comes to making your desires come true.

He will be engaging and won’t restrict sex to the bedroom alone.

Once his imagination starts working, the sky is the limit, and you will find yourself making love in the oddest of places.



The reason why a Cancer man is so down in this list is his overthinking nature.

He is passionate and creative enough to provoke fireworks in your head, but once he drifts away in his mind, he is practically useless.

He can’t switch his overthinking, and he looks too deeply into things.

He also can’t leave all his troubles aside and live in the moment if he is burdened by something, so sex won’t be on the table until he solves it.



Eternally busy, Capricorn hardly has any time for good old love making, and what puts him this low on the list is his inability to make time for his partner and the sweeter things in life.

He has sexual desires just as any other man, but he can spend large gaps of time without being physically intimate.

If you are dating a Capricorn, remind him to loosen up a bit.

His work won’t flee but the finer things in life just might, so he might as well enjoy them while there’s time.



Prone to deep analysis and criticism, a Virgo man can take away the fun from physical intimacy.

His desire to be perfect and find a perfect partner can really be a burden on the entire relationship.

He is also rational, and in his mind, sex is only 30% of a relationship, and a lot of women would disagree with that.

He won’t put a lot of thought into the whole sex thing, and missionary will be his only sex position.

He doesn’t take sex loosely, and he is scared of STDs, so don’t be surprised if he asks you to get tested before getting into bed.

Don’t hold it against him. He is thinking soberly, and he is not allowing love to cloud his judgment.

Men Ranked From Good In Bed To Average According To Their Zodiac Sign