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If He Plays These 7 Immature Relationship Games, He’s Wasting Your Time

If He Plays These 7 Immature Relationship Games, He’s Wasting Your Time

Love isn’t a game, period.

Anyone who treats it as such is an immature individual who is simply not ready for a commitment that a real, grown-up relationship entails.

And that’s okay. Because recognizing when people are merely playing games in your relationship makes it that much easier for you to get out of there before you get too invested and leave on your own terms.

Men who enter relationships simply for the purpose of not being alone, until someone better comes along, are nothing but spoiled, immature brats who have no business playing with your heart like that!

You would devote every fiber of your being to this guy and keep your relationship sacred and close to your heart, while he’s out there low-key exploring the field and contemplating his options!

Don’t let him. React in time.

Admit to yourself when your guy is being shady and not fully invested and save yourself the embarrassment of being led on by an immature prick!

Trust me, losing that kind of guy won’t be a loss at all.

Ultimately, you’ll be the one who wins, because losing someone who added nothing to your life is only going to better your chances of finding someone who actually gives a damn!

These are the 7 most common signs that your man is playing stupid relationship games and completely wasting your time (but not for long!).

He wants to keep the relationship on the down-low and doesn’t let you talk about it to your friends much

You don’t go out to places where many people could see you and he doesn’t hold your hand in public (only during rare moments when there are no people around).

You feel like he really goes to extreme lengths to keep your relationship a secret and it’s all under false pretenses that it’s better if it’s just between you two, like it’s somehow more meaningful.

You don’t like this at all but you go along with it, hoping it would change with time.

But things haven’t improved one bit; he’s still keeping you a secret, you’re not really sure why and you’re totally annoyed by it.

He shows zero consistency in the relationship

Relationships require effort and consistency in order to thrive but so far, he hasn’t demonstrated either of the two.

When it suits him, he’s being all nice and considerate toward you but he can switch it off just like that and become a total prick.

You can’t really rely on him to be a certain way for a long period of time, because he’s so flaky. And he doesn’t seem to want to change that at all.

He is simply not consistent with showing you any type of affection and you oftentimes consider breaking it off but those rare moments when he does behave nicely reassure you (even though they shouldn’t).

He feigns interest in the things you like for his own agenda

When you talk about something you’re passionate about and really hold dear to your heart, you feel like he only agrees with you for the sake of agreeing.

There isn’t any genuine curiosity on his part in any aspect of your life or your passions, only feigned interest when he wants to gain something from you (sex, your attention or he needs help with something).

He is being fake and dishonest and deep down you know those aren’t the qualities of a boyfriend who truly cares about you.

If he really loved you, he would be interested in all parts of you.

He goes out of his way to make you feel jealous

It makes him feel good about himself when you act out in jealousy and he doesn’t really seem to mind. It boosts his ego and feeds his immature soul.

He constantly puts you in a position to question his loyalty, even with the littlest things, and you’re getting sick and tired of it but you simply don’t want to admit that he’s doing it on purpose.

The bottom line is, a man who loves you would never make you doubt his intentions.

Only immature boys play games like that and that’s because they still have a lot of growing up to do.

He makes you wait hours for a simple text back, no matter how important it is

He doesn’t want to seem too eager, so he takes his time getting back to you.

He rarely texts back within a reasonable amount of time and even when it’s just a simple question, he’s going to make you wait for it.

He is completely inconsiderate and unappreciative of your time and your feelings and he only does that to make himself feel important, like some sort of macho man, when in fact he is nothing but a selfish brat.

There are still dating apps on his phone (the biggest red flag!)

When a guy you’re supposed to be in a relationship with still keeps dating apps on his phone, there really isn’t much to say to back it up, other than he’s clearly still browsing his options!

Don’t waste your time, because if he can’t even bother to hide it and leaves it right there for you to see, he is clearly not interested in anything serious with you and he doesn’t even care how this makes you feel.

One word—run!

He refuses to put a label on your relationship and you don’t even know where you stand

He doesn’t want to have the conversation to discuss where you two are and what exactly you are in the first place and when you suggest defining your relationship, he is against it.

He doesn’t like putting labels on things, it makes him feel pressured, so he just keeps things up in the air, giving you zero reassurance he’s in it one hundred percent.

He just lets things flow and at the very mention of commitment, he flinches.

This guy clearly has zero interest in being in a grown-up relationship and I highly suggest you leave his immature ass and go find somebody who can actually act his age.

He is only wasting your precious time and those types of guys don’t really change.

Do yourself a favor and leave. It’s the only right decision in this situation and it’s going to make you feel liberated AF!