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Men Reveal Their Biggest Beauty Icks And Turn-Offs On Women

Men Reveal Their Biggest Beauty Icks And Turn-Offs On Women

You’ll never believe what I found out the last time I hung out with my friends! Honestly, I sometimes love it when guys join my friends and me at our “tea party”. It’s when I get the most inside information and tips & tricks we girls would never find out on our own. 

This time our conversation somehow landed on the topic of each other’s icks. Oh boy, this was a heated discussion that lasted for hours! 

Women really went all out and didn’t spare men from any ugly critiques, but they also returned the same energy back! They had a lot to say about…

1. Clown makeup 

It’s always funny to me when guys say they don’t like makeup on girls but what they actually mean is that they don’t like it when it’s excessive.

Anytime I wear my “no-makeup makeup look”, my boyfriend says he loves me when I embrace my natural beauty and don’t put any cosmetics on. Heh, men are so clueless. 

During our discussion, James said:

“We literally hate any other color besides red and pink on your lips! Those black lines you put at the corner of your eyes all the way to your eyebrows are sometimes too much! And don’t get me started on blush on your cheeks. We don’t want to date a clown!”

I mean, fair enough. We sometimes go a bit overboard without realizing it. Oh yeah, they also said that makeup at the pool is a big no!

2. Fake tan gone wrong

I get it…You want to look like you spent your vacation in Maldives and not stuck at home. They don’t necessarily have anything against fake tan but just don’t like it when it turns out bad. 

If you want it to look natural, don’t buy the cheapest tanning cream. Invest in your beauty, pay for professional service, and spray tan!

You’re not really willing to spend money on that? In that case, it’s better to blind people with white skin than to look orange and walk around with patchy tan.

3. Looking tacky in any way

Having a girl that looks cheap and tacky is men’s worst nightmare. Listen! I love nice jewelry, and I have too much of it! Buying this stuff is almost like an addiction for me. However, you can’t walk around with every single piece of jewelry you own!

Also, I know we all go through our mental breakdown phases. But please, for the love of God, think twice before dying your hair in some crazy color! Chances are, you’re gonna regret it!

Men love a good classic look, natural hair, shorter nails, and nothing too much when it comes to clothes. Leave your fake Gucci bag and that leopard print dress in the closet this time. 

4. Perfume that can suffocate someone

A good perfume can make such a difference! It can take you from a solid five to a ten real quick if you put on some sexy scent. 

Sure, you want others to turn their heads when you walk past them on the street, but don’t leave people without air!

Imagine being intimate with someone, and as he’s heading for the magic kiss on the neck, he literally ends up gasping for air! Girl, you want to attract him and leave a lasting scent (on his clothes and in his mind), you don’t want to suffocate him!

It’s the same the other way around. Belle transformed the Beast into a prince with her love, but in this case, a good perfume can do the same thing.

5. Being plastic like a Barbie doll

How ironic is it that most women undergo surgical beauty procedures because they want to look more appealing to men, while men hate it? I think some miscommunication happened here.

Plastic surgery can look amazing when done properly and by experienced doctors. It’s the same as tan. You have to invest your money if you want to look good. Don’t go for the cheapest doctor operating in his basement to end up looking horrendous.

And even if you decide to take this step, be careful! Once you start with surgical procedures it’s hard to stop or go back. Don’t be like Courtney Cox who regretted it! Also, go easy in beauty saloons as well!

You want your lashes to be long and lush? Then buy a lash serum and skip fake eyelashes that make you look like you have some kind of fuzzy caterpillar on your eyes! The same goes for eyebrows. Tattoos can be cool when somewhere else but definitely not on your face. 

6. A smile screaming poor hygiene 

I think this one is pretty easy to understand because it goes both ways. Don’t you dare think your tooth gap is ugly or that crooked tooth needs to be fixed!

Smiles are what makes people unique and we should never hide it. However, oral hygiene (and hygiene in general) is really important! Of course, we also shouldn’t run away from dentists because sometimes some bigger health issues can cause bad breath so we should check it out. 

Now let me give you big sis’ advice. I never go out of my house without a pack of gum and dental floss! You never know when you’ll need them, but trust me, you’ll be happy you have them with you.

7. Body covered in piercings and ink

A cute, simple tattoo is pretty cool and a piercing here and there can look really attractive but like with everything else – don’t overdo it. 

Men like women who both look and act feminine. Tattooing your whole body can only make you look like a huge color book. The same golden rule applies to piercings, less is more.

Also, try to avoid having something off-putting tattooed on your body. You don’t want to scare the man away, do you? 

8. Looking like a tomboy 

This might be one of their biggest turn-offs! Long, healthy hair is what every man associates with feminity. Don’t get me wrong, short hair can also look really good and some women can definitely pull it out but maybe try to avoid men-specific hairstyles.

When it comes to clothes, I understand that baggy jeans and t-shirts are trending but your man doesn’t want you to have the same wardrobe as him and dress like some frat boy.

Instead, wear something that suits you and your body type. Don’t hide behind clothes, embrace your curves, girl!

9. Questionable fashion choices

Men want people to think their girl is hot but also classy and knows how to dress appropriately. Clothes two number smaller, short mini skirts, and cleavage on display are not as attractive as you might think. Leave something for the imagination!

Dressing trashy is not the only issue, I remember Matthew saying:

“I get such an ick when I see a girl walking like her hip is broken or something because of her high heels! And if I had to name the worst clothing pieces a girl can wear, that would be capri pants, sandals, shoulder pads, and uggs, for sure!”

So yeah, maybe buy heels you can comfortably walk in and then you’ll both be happier! And regarding other things…you do you girl, and if you can rock it, then wear it!

We have to admit we can sometimes go to extremes with our looks because we want to look our best and impress others. However, at the end of the day, we should always do what makes us happy and comfortable in our skin and if other people don’t like it, then that’s on them!