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Most Common Characteristics Of A Libra Ascendant Man And Woman

Most Common Characteristics Of A Libra Ascendant Man And Woman

I am sure that you are familiar with all the main characteristics and the importance of your Sun zodiac sign which is determined by your birthdate.

But what about your ascendant or rising sign which has to do with your exact time of birth?

The Ascendant or Rising is the Zodiac sign which appeared on the eastern horizon at the time you were born and is as equally important as your Sun sign.

While your Sun sign represents your core personality, your Rising sign impacts the face you show to the world.

It determines your relationship with others, romance, your sex drive, your social skills and how others perceive you.

Now that we have this cleared this up, as you have calculated that you are a Libra Rising sign, you are probably wondering what that means for you Or maybe you’ve found out that your partner or someone you like is a Libra Ascendant and you want to know what their most common personality traits are.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because you are about to read everything you need to know about a Libra Ascendant.


If you are a Libra Ascendant, you are likely to be fit and have good health in general.

Libra Ascendants usually have slim bodies while they are younger but tend to gain a little more weight as they grow older without ever being overweight.

You are likely to have sensitive skin, and you probably have a lighter complexion.

Most Libra Ascendants don’t have any teeth problems and it is not rare for them to have blue eyes.  

When it comes to your possible health troubles, they will probably include kidney problems, high blood sugar or problems with your reproductive organs if you are a female.

Regarding your mental health, Pisces in the Sixth House might cause you to have work-related anxiety.

Most Libra Ascendants are workaholics and even though this can be a great thing, it can also bring you a great deal of unnecessary stress.


Thanks to the fact that they are governed by Venus, the goddess of beauty, one of the main characteristics of every Libra Ascendants is their good looks.

This is something you probably won’t enjoy hearing, but the truth is that Libra Ascendants are known to be obsessed with their looks.

They usually have an appealing appearance, and they always work hard to maintain it.

It means that you are naturally beautiful and attractive, but you also take care of your looks because it is one of the most important things for you.

But even if you don’t have natural beauty, people seem to find you attractive. You are simply charming, have an amazing smile and tons of positive energy which is appealing to everyone around you.

I am not trying to claim that Libra Ascendants are vain, but they definitely invest a lot of time and energy into looking good.

They pay a lot of attention to the way other people see them—from the way they are dressed, to their hair and hygiene.

Romantic relationships and sex

What almost every Libra Ascendant wants in a romantic relationship is to be the dominant partner.

They don’t enjoy being in monotonous relationships. Instead, they are always looking for something fun and exciting to happen.

That is why long term relationships usually bore the hell out of them. They enjoy the chase and the emotional rollercoaster this type of relationship brings with it.

Being an air sign, Libra Ascendants love to flirt and are always looking for an outgoing and interesting partner.

They enjoy the honeymoon phase of the relationship, and as soon as they feel they have got stuck in a rut, they will be on a search for someone new.

But that doesn’t mean that a Libra Rising is a zodiac which can’t stay faithful or that they can’t commit because they are definitely capable of taming their desire for other people, once they find their perfect match.

This is especially the case for women who are more likely to stay loyal and monogamous while men always prefer living the life of a bachelor over commitment.

Surprisingly, when a Libra Ascendant falls in love for real, they become very romantic and dedicated to their relationship.

They are rarely selfish, don’t have trouble adapting to their partner’s needs and are always up for finding the middle way and doing what is best for the relationship.  

As it was already stated, this ascendant is usually considered to be a physically attractive zodiac, so it’s no wonder they are also seductive. This is especially the case with women.

Sexually, Libra Ascendants are romantic and need a lot of their partner’s undivided attention.

For them, sex is a huge part of every romantic relationship and sexual compatibility with their partner is crucial.

Libra Ascendants are rarely passive in the bedroom. Instead, they are quite energetic and never selfish because their partner’s pleasure is of equal importance to their own.

When it comes to their matching zodiacs, Libra Ascendants are mostly attracted to Cancer.

Personality traits

Libra Rising people are always on a search for justice, harmony and balance.

This ascendant is always the fair and the diplomatic one, and that usually makes them pursue careers in law or politics.

Besides these career choices, Libra Ascendants are also happy when they are doing something creative and artistic which requires their personal stamp. They enjoy teamwork, and they simply love working around people.

Libra Ascendants are known to be extremely intelligent and to have very sharp minds.

These people usually have complex minds, and they have a tendency to analyze every little detail which can make others think they are too complicated or difficult to handle.

What moves a Libra Ascendant’s spirit is the fact that they are an intuitive zodiac. These people follow their gut, and it rarely fails them. They simply know which people are good for them and which ones they should stay away from.

Their intuition is so strong that sometimes it appears as if they can read everyone’s minds because a Libra Ascendant will always know exactly what you are thinking about and will read through your intentions, even before you become aware of them.

Empathy, which is due to their intuition, is another personality trait characteristic for most Libra Risings.

This is one of the most sensitive ascendants with the power of sensing other people’s energy and with the desire to help everyone in need.

If a Libra Ascendant is close to you, they’ll have the ability to read through you and to always know how you feel, without you ever having to hint your emotions.

Libra Ascendants are born wanderers, and they hate when they feel stuck in one place.

They like to travel because it gives them the opportunity to explore new places and cultures, and to meet new people.

They are always sincere, but they will put an effort into telling you the harsh truth as politely as possible.

Another common personal characteristic for this ascendant is their amazing social skills. They are usually outgoing extroverts, and everyone enjoys spending time with them.

People simply adore Libra Risings and for most of the time, they themselves don’t even know why.

These people have the ability to persuade you or to sweet talk you into literally anything they set their minds to. They are excellent speakers and usually have big circles of friends.

But all of this doesn’t mean that Libra Ascendants are perfect because this zodiac has a dark side, as well.

Their need for harmony is so strong that sometimes they can act too controlling or even tyrannical toward people around them who they think have fallen out of balance.

When it comes to social interactions, these people are convinced that they are always right and their need for justice can easily transform them into manipulators.