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Ranking Of Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Difficult To Love

Ranking Of Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Difficult To Love

Some people are just hard to love. You are ready to give them all you’ve got but they make it so hard to connect to them.

Every sign has their personal sensibilities and traits that make them either super easy or super hard to love. Some are in-between and can be loved with a bit of effort.

Find out if the guy or girl you are into is hard or easy to love and what the steps are that you should take to overcome the difficulties on your way to a happy relationship.


Virgo’s approach to relationships is very practical. When it comes to Virgos, even love has certain rules to be followed.

Being their partner is hard, especially if your interests aren’t similar.

They take on the role of a manager in their relationships and not so much the role of a loving, caring partner.

They put up walls and even when they do love you, letting you love them can be hard.

They would have to open up and put their walls down which, let’s be honest, isn’t something that happens often.

They are not easy to love but they are certainly worth the effort.


Scorpio’s relationship style depends a lot on their level of maturity.

They are well-known for maturing later rather than earlier in life and until they do, they simply don’t know how to behave in a relationship.

They want their relationships to be passionate and this means blowing from cold to hot and vice versa in a matter of seconds.

Scorpios have a habit of playing mind games and unless you are someone who really enjoys playing them too, they are most likely not going to be the best partner for you.

If you are in love with a Scorpio, getting them to decide how they feel about you will be your biggest task.


Sagittarians are interesting, adventurous people who rarely stay still. They are flirty, in life and in love, and very hard to get to commit to anything.

They basically run around all the time and need someone to run with them rather than trying to tame them.

They won’t be happy to adapt to your lifestyle and compromise in this area will hardly be possible.

You will need to completely accept the way they want to live their life.

They need their free time and won’t be happy if you want them to devote that time to you.

It is exciting to be with them short-term but getting them to settle down will be a quest.

Loving them means letting them be as free as possible and let’s be honest, this is hardly what a girl dreams of.


Aquarius is a very friendly person. They usually become friends with someone before getting into a relationship with them.

This is the best way to go if you want a relationship with them, since they are very private people who need to get to know someone really well before putting their guard down. It is a combination of two things with them.

Firstly, they are very independent and believe they don’t need anyone to be happy and secondly, they are afraid of being disappointed and betrayed.

Betrayal is something they don’t recover from easily and if they have been betrayed in the past, it makes it even harder to get to know them and love them.


When it comes to Capricorns, what gets in the way of them finding true love is their practical nature.

While it’s good to have someone by your side who is reliable, it is hard to get them to look at love and your relationship as something spiritual and romantic.

Relationships are almost like business deals for them. They will weigh up every good and bad thing you do and make a calculation as to if you are a ‘profitable’ choice.

Loving them can be hard in spite of their many virtues because they don’t really leave much room for love in the relationship.

Getting them to open their heart instead of their mind is incredibly hard but possible.


Now, Geminis love with their whole heart and they really have faith in their relationship to work.

They are the sign that goes all-in. They give all they have to make a relationship work.

They can be overly emotional and this can make it a bit tiring to be their partner.

Since they hold nothing back and pour their heart and soul into their relationship, they can get quite vulnerable.

As their partner, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by their personality and the way they treat you and you may feel like you don’t love them enough in comparison to how much they love you.

It can make you feel trapped and unable to explore how much you could actually love them if given a bit more space.


We understand why you’re drawn to your Leo, as they are interesting, confident and passionate. They can actually make a pretty good partner.

Their worst trait is their huge ego, though, which needs to be kept in check.

They want you to think they’re the best (in anything they do) in the whole wide world and also to be very vocal about it. In order for them to know you love them, they need you to praise them almost all the time.

If you don’t mind this downside, loving them won’t be THAT hard.

But if you are someone who can’t stand egocentric types of people, maybe you should stay away from Leos since loving them might come as a hard task for you.


Aries knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it. They won’t go down without a fight.

If you’re the one they’ve picked for themselves, it will be quite hard for you to resist them.

One thing is for sure—they keep things interesting. Their lifestyle is quite busy and they can sometimes lack time for a relationship but if you are the one, they will for sure make time for you.

They are impulsive and can be a bit too fierce, so if you’re someone with a character that’s calmer and more chill, you may find it hard to respond to their passion.


If you have fallen for a Taurean, you’ve almost definitely picked right. When a Taurus loves someone, they are all in.

They are stable, steady and reliable and they are the most loyal sign of the zodiac.

It’s not really hard to love Taurus since they really try to make it easy and simple.

On the downside, they can be a bit too slow and boring, so if you are someone seeking adventure, maybe loving Taurus will be an impossible task for you.

One thing is certain, if you need some pampering and sweet loving, pick a Taurus, you won’t be disappointed.


Libra will do almost anything to make you happy. Seriously, making you happy makes them happy. That’s why it’s usually super easy to love Libra.

They will make you a priority, even if it means they have to change a lot about what or who they are. Loving them will be easy, not at all challenging and quite simple.

They only want you to keep their best interests at heart the way they do yours and that’s pretty much enough for them.

You just have to love them the best that you know how and they will appreciate any efforts you make.


A love shared with Pisces is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. They are very emotional and everything they do is in balance with their spirituality, emotions and energy.

They will love you with all that they have but they do expect the same in return. There is no half-love with them, it’s all or nothing.

Loving them is amazing because everything you give, you get double in return.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t love too deep, loving Pisces will be very hard for you.


Cancer is patient, forgiving and loving. They are made for love. Anything they do in their life is based on the love they feel for others and the love others give to them.

They are the most nurturing sign of the zodiac. They will enjoy taking care of you and everything they need in return is for you to love them back.

They won’t weigh up your pros and cons, they won’t count every mistake you make, they will love you with all that you are. Loving them is a thrill and quite a rewarding experience.