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One Day You’ll Thank God For Not Giving You What You Asked For

One Day You’ll Thank God For Not Giving You What You Asked For

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

You have this burning desire inside yourself and you feel like your whole soul is on fire. You feel like you’ve never wanted anything in life as much this.

Actually, you want it so hard that there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t do for it. But, it seems like God has a different plan for you.

Your wishes are not coming to life. It seems like your prayers are staying unanswered. And you’re mad at Him.

You’re mad at God and at the entire world. Why can’t you get what you’re asking for, it’s not like you’re asking for too much?

After a while, doubt starts growing. It’s like you’re again this little child and everyone is getting the toys they wanted but you.

It’s you who’s always in the back. It’s you in Plan B. It’s you who’s constantly put to some kind of test. It’s you who God chooses to tempt.

I know all about the knot in your stomach, about the pain in your heart, about the tears that you can’t shake from your eyes, but trust me—this where you’re at now but it is not your final destination.

I know because I’ve been in your shoes and the faith I refused to lose brought me here now. It brought me patience and peace, and it brought me something better than I asked for.

Remember, there is a reason for everything that happens to you in life and for everything that doesn’t happen. You just need to be patient in order to see it.

Think about it…has God ever burdened you so much that you were unable to carry all the weight? As you’re still here, I’ll guess the answer is a ‘no’.

God has never put you through something you couldn’t endure. Yes, there were some hard moments. There were heavy rains in your life. There were so many bad things coming at you one after another and sometimes all at once, and you felt hopeless so many times, but look at you now.

You’re strong, you’re amazing and you’re still standing. You’ve endured all the storms that your life’s boat has sailed in. Most importantly, you came out of it stronger than ever.

You know, life always gets ugly before it gets better. We’re all gonna be happy eventually, but first, life’s gonna make us strong.

After each rain comes the sun. If there was no rain, there would be no chance for us to see the rainbow. So be thankful for all the bumps in the road. They all prepare you for the final destination you’re meant to arrive at. They’re shaping you into the person you’re supposed to be.

See, you’re not getting what you wanted, what you prayed for or what you asked for a reason. And what if not getting what you asked for turns out to be the best thing that could possibly happen to you?

What if by not giving you what you asked for, God saved you from a toxic person? What if by not giving you the job you wanted, God saved you from a miserable life?

What if people abandoning you was God’s work in order to keep those who’d harm you away from you? What if in making you wait, God is trying to teach you patience and how everything has its time and season on this earth?

Here’s the thing—I like to believe that if I’m denied something I prayed for, then it’s because God has a bigger plan for me. If I didn’t get what I asked for it’s because something better and bigger is already headed my way. When you start living your life like this, there is a whole new dose of positivity and good luck headed your way.

So, do not despair. When God gives you the things He thinks are the best for you instead of giving you what you prayed for, everything will make sense.

Your wait will be worthwhile. And one day, you’ll thank Him for not giving you what you asked for but giving you what you actually needed.

One day you’ll understand why God closed that door and you’ll thank him for it.