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Pick A Partner Who Will Catch You When You Fall

Pick A Partner Who Will Catch You When You Fall

Just because you have a breakdown every now and again doesn’t mean you aren’t a strong person. But it’s also important to have a partner who is there to catch you when you fall.

Lasting relationships are those that persevere through the good and the bad, and both partners feel as if they can rely on one another to make it through the tough times.

If you can make it through undeterred, you can emerge from these times stronger than ever before, trusting your bond more so than if you hadn’t weathered the storms together.

It’s through life’s trials that we get closer to those who stay by our side and experience all of the highs and lows, walking the path with us. We learn through these times and grow as we learn.

We make decisions based on past experiences, and we have to be able to understand what it’s like on one end to make it through to the other and ensure we stay there rather than cycling back through the same toxicity over and over again.

Always remember you are allowed to show emotion and to voice concern when you feel as if there is too much that’s being asked of you – you have too many commitments or obligations – and you can’t continue to juggle it all. Or if something comes up you feel as if you can’t possibly handle on your own and you need your partner to help see it through, you are allowed to ask for help.

This seems like a simple concept but asking for help or admitting when things have become too difficult to bear alone can be harder than it seems. If life begins to feel unmanageable, it’s important to open up to your partner, and the response should be one of compassion and understanding, not one of indifference, anger, or frustration.

You’ll find you can accomplish so much more together than if you have to constantly feel alone in your journey. If your significant other is willing to put in the extra effort to help you make it through to the other side, the relationship is worth hanging on to. Of course, it’s a two-way street, and this should be reciprocated.

Working through problems is not only vital, it’s inevitable. Life isn’t perfect and there is no perfect partnership. You will be met with obstacles from time to time, but these obstacles will only be permanent setbacks if you allow them to be.

You’ll also encounter situations in which your significant other is troubled by something that seems trivial to you, but you know your reassurance and support is needed, and vice versa. It’s important that you acknowledge that whatever your partner is worried about, it’s still a concern and don’t downplay its significance.

When you can talk through why and how the issue can be overcome together, this boosts your partner’s resilience and confidence. Chalking it up as ‘no big deal’ will make things worse and will likely hinder the communication between you two moving forward. Belittling each other is never the answer, no matter how different your perspectives may be.

If you see your mate slowly succumbing to especially difficult circumstances, continue to lift them up in the process. Again, it doesn’t mean your partner isn’t a strong person.

Everyone has a breaking point, and it is possible to be pushed past this. It doesn’t mean there’s no room to bounce back. It just means it will take a little extra effort and some much-needed, unconditional love and emotional support. By offering this, you are telling the person you’re with that you will be there no matter what and this is very powerful.

If someone walks away from you the first time you feel pushed past your breaking point and have an emotional outburst, it’s clear they aren’t mature enough to sustain the relationship in the long run. You want to be with someone who is by your side through the inevitable ups and downs and offers you reassurance that your bond is unbreakable.

Bolting the second things get tough likely means there was never a true investment in the relationship, anyway. Know your worth and wait for the one who knows it, too.