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Pisces And Scorpio Combination: Find Out If You’re Compatible

Pisces And Scorpio Combination: Find Out If You’re Compatible

Are you a Pisces taking interest in a Scorpio or a Scorpio taking an interest in a Pisces?

A Pisces and Scorpio love match sure is an interesting one. It is one of the best love matches and Pisces and Scorpio are usually compatible in every aspect of life.

Read about the emotional needs of the other sign and find out if they could be your soulmate.

This article explains the different levels of Pisces and Scorpio compatibility.

Whether you are a Pisces woman intrigued by a Pisces man or a Pisces male intrigued by a Scorpio female, you will find interesting facts about your sun signs compatibility.


Element: Water

Ruling planets: Neptune and Jupiter

Polarity: Negative

Color: Sea green

Lucky gem: Moonstone

Flower: Water lily

Pisces is the most intuitive sign in the whole Zodiac. Having your sun sign in Pisces means you can sense from within whether something is good or bad.

Your gut reaction is usually right on point. You have a very spiritual energy but the logical side of your brain doesn’t fall behind the creative one.

It’s common for Pisces to be highly intellectual and interested in the ways the human mind functions as a microcosm of the world. Pisces enjoy spending time reading and exploring.

They can’t really be called loners, but they do enjoy spending time by themselves.

When it comes to hanging out, they prefer small groups of people to large ones. They seem to have their personality split into an internal and external one.

They are very sensitive and can seem a bit quiet or withdrawn. However, they carry great strength within. Pisces are incredibly empathetic and exhibit a gentle, soft nature.

Pisces are generally quite positive, kind, and compassionate. They are sensitive to everything around them including other people’s feelings.

They can be way too idealistic to live a practical, everyday life. People usually like them though because they are easygoing and likable. 

Pisces are loyal, kind, and usually family-oriented. Their intuition makes it easy for them to nurture and take care of others. 

They usually lack decisiveness and can easily be distracted from their goals. Both Pisces men and Pisces women have their heads in the clouds and it can be hard to bring them back down to earth. 

In relationships, Pisces can be easily lied to because they want to believe in everything.

Even if they sense they’re being led by false promises Pisces will usually continue walking on the same path believing they will reach their ideal.


Element: Water

Ruling planets: Mars and Pluto

Polarity: Negative

Color: Deep red

Lucky gem: Topaz

Flower: Geranium

A Scorpio‘s power and passion often gets them confused for a fire sign. Just like a Pisces, a Scorpio has strong intuition. 

They work hard to achieve what they want, and you really want to be their friend rather than their enemy.

Vengeance, as well as other goals they have is at the top of their priority list. It comes when you least expect it, just like a Scorpio‘s spirit animal’s (Scorpion) sting. 

A Scorpio is passionate to the core. They’re true to their real nature as they don’t know how to pretend they’re someone else, nor do they want to try to be anything other than what they really are.

They consider bluntness to be a trustworthy quality, and their trust is something that’s quite hard to reach. 

Scorpios can hang out with basically anyone and they’re not afraid to try different social circles to find the people that suit them best.

One thing to know about them is that you can neither control them nor really ever beat them (since you can never be as invested as they are except maybe if you’re a Scorpio yourself).

So, if you don’t want to join them, simply stay away from them.

If you’re their friend, they will be amazingly loyal to you and always stand by you when you need them.

They can be quite patient too, except if you seem to be lacking common sense, which is something they have no tolerance for.

Unlike Pisces, they are reliable and hardworking in everything they choose to do. They like to do things their own way though.

They pay a lot of attention to detail in every sphere of their life. Scorpios even tend to collect information that seems irrelevant just in case they need it in the future.

While a Pisces is way too trusting, a Scorpio never lets anyone play with their emotions. At least not for long.

Are Pisces and Scorpio compatible?

The compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio depends very much on which sphere of life they find themselves in.

While they do have a special energy between them, their relationship is different when they are in love, friends, coworkers, or siblings.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of Pisces and Scorpio relationships.


Because they are both water signs, a Pisces-Scorpio relationship is a passionate, intimate, emotional one.  A Piscean is immediately attracted to a Scorpio and vice versa. 

These two can easily be soulmates!

They are connected from the very first time they lay eyes on each other. Their emotional connection is strong. Both signs feel everything deeply and are willing to commit to each other. 

Their relationship can blossom if everything goes right but it can end as quickly as it started if problems arise. Their issues are founded in their different approaches to problem-solving.

However, even if that’s true, the level of Scorpio-Pisces compatibility is very high.

When it works, the Pisces-Scorpio relationship is truly amazing. These two zodiac signs help each other become better versions of themselves. A loyal, giving Pisces will certainly help a Scorpio feel more trusting.

Scorpio love is amazing but can be a bit overwhelming. A Pisces seems to get along with this, and even enjoys it.

While a Pisces is usually submissive both in sex and in other aspects of a relationship, a Scorpio is dominant and this seems to work perfectly.

One of the reasons for Scorpio-Pisces compatibility is shared sexual energy.

A Scorpio lover has an intense, controlling sexual behavior and a Pisces, unlike most other signs, seems attracted to and excited by their powerful nature.

Pisces is probably the most sensitive sign in the whole Zodiac and a Scorpio is attracted by the calmness and serenity they emit. 

These two water signs mostly match because of their ability to deeply connect and love each other.

They both easily fall in love in the image of a fairytale love they seem to have, and this love compatibility can help them stay together for a long time.


A Pisces male can help a Scorpio woman soften her otherwise harsh nature. Being a fixed sign, which means she’s stable, a Scorpio female can add some stability to a Pisces male‘s life. 

She can help a Pisces man feel more confident, and he can make a Scorpio woman feel safer, and have more faith and more trust. 

A Pisces man‘s genuinely soft and nurturing nature can help a Scorpio woman feel safe enough to open up to him when she’s feeling hurt, and her protectiveness will be an anchor for his vulnerability.

When they start having issues, a Scorpio woman can get really confrontational and stand her ground. That’s where the real problems arise, since a Pisces male avoids confrontation at all costs and is pretty evasive.

Pisces men get into the role of the victim and show their cunning side. Scorpio females, on the other hand, become manipulative and cold towards their partner.


A relationship between a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman is filled with a closeness and intensity that everyone dreams of. That is if they trust each other. 

In case the trust is broken it turns into the most awful love match ever. A Pisces turns to their escape prone nature, and a Scorpio gets very suspicious, and even possessive.

They both need depth and honesty to make their emotional connection possible. As for their sexual connection, there is almost no better choice for a Pisces woman than a Scorpio lover.

A Scorpio man‘s fixed nature can offer a kind of compass to a Pisces woman‘s wandering spirit. He will need to know that he’s investing in something real though.

Scorpio-Pisces compatibility shouldn’t be questioned though.  They share the most intimate, sensual, passionate experiences together. They could easily be one of the most emotional horoscope couples. 

Astrologers seem unsure whether they have what it takes to prevail and endure, but a love match is not out of the question.

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They need to find common ground, no matter the gender.

When a Scorpio and a Pisces do make a love match, they are an amazing couple and their relationship is filled with mutual respect and understanding.

They both have a tendency to withdraw into their own minds so a Scorpion can forgive a Pisces for this and vice versa. 

A Scorpio can help an indecisive Pisces to turn their dreams and ideas into reality, and a Pisces can help a Scorpio be more caring and sensitive to other people’s needs.

Water signs can work very well together, even if their relationships don’t seem perfect at first.

A love compatibility between these two zodiac signs is high, and they can have a deeply rewarding relationship.


They are generally people with similar interests who understand each other very well.

A Scorpio‘s secretive nature is something that gets in the way of their relationships with friends, and since a Pisces can easily accept this their friendship can blossom.

The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto, and of Pisces Jupiter and Neptune, and even though they are both water signs they can be quite different in nature. These differences usually compliment each other.

Scorpios are prone to looking at the world as either black or white and this can make their life quite difficult. Pisces can help them look at things in a broader light from which a Scorpio can truly benefit. 

Their friendship works great since it is free from sexual energy and the negative emotions that build up when they are in a romantic relationship.

They compliment each other really well and a Scorpio-Pisces relationship is something both signs can benefit from.


Pisces and Scorpio are one of the most successful co-worker couples in the zodiac.

They have a more profound, intuitive understanding of each other – stronger than any other two star signs have. They can basically read each other’s minds. 

A Scorpio has respect for the sensitivity of a Pisces, which can come as an issue at their place of work.

This Scorpio-Pisces work compatibility works great, especially for a Pisces, because they can learn a thing or two about hard work from a Scorpio.

They need some motivation to stay focused, and who better to help them with this than Scorpio. It’s best for the Pisces-Scorpio match that a Pisces works on the ideas and a Scorpio works on executing them.


Since the two signs obviously have a natural affinity to one another they bond immediately. When you were children, Pisces probably had a stronger imagination and Scorpio was a bit more down to earth.

Similar to a Scorpio-Pisces love match, when you two fight it isn’t pretty. Your fights are so emotionally charged they can be downright scary to watch.

Pisces can get offended by Scorpio‘s harsh words, and Scorpio can feel awful when being ignored, a Scorpio man in particular, which is something Pisces does better than any other zodiac sign.

Are Pisces and Scorpio soulmates?

A Pisces and Scorpio relationship has all that is necessary to succeed. With a bit of effort to communicate in a better way, you two can truly be soulmates whose love will last a lifetime.