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Quiz: Which Level Of OCD Are You Really?!

Quiz: Which Level Of OCD Are You Really?!

We either have the great urge to put things in order and line up every single thing we own into a perfect shape— or we don’t care at all. Among us live those who often experience overwhelming moments where they put something into its place and then afterwards, they have to re-check if they did it right one too many times.

We’ve all had those moments of wondering whether we turned off the stove or if the tap is closed, but this is beyond that. It may happen that we’re constantly repeating something that’s taken care of long time ago. That type of uncontrollable obsessing over things and repeating certain activities or thoughts in your mind can end up having a negative impact on your life and sanity.

It also points to you likely having a more serious issue—obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is a mental disorder where those who suffer from it perform rituals and activities in specific ways that make sense in their minds, but to normal people just seem strange or off.

It’s estimated that over 3.3 million American adults have OCD at any given time, with men and women equally affected. There are many different compulsions, signs, and symptoms associated with having the disorder but one of the most common ones is perfectionism.

When it comes to being a perfectionist, it seems to us like they have laser vision, they scan everything in a second, and are able to notice when something is not perfect. It wouldn’t be a problem if it stopped at the noticing part, but they have the need to ‘fix it’ and that can be overwhelming sometimes.

Even though only doctors can give you a 100% percent accurate diagnosis, there are other tools that might help you in discovering whether you’re OCD affected or not. This quiz challenges your eyes and brain and it analyses how these pictures make your senses react and if you can notice the small details that differ.

Take this quiz and find out how sensitive your OCD radar is.