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Read This Every Time You Feel Like You’re Falling Apart

Read This Every Time You Feel Like You’re Falling Apart

You’re allowed to break down. No one expects you to keep the unbreakable mask on.

We may walk around with these masks on, hiding from the world and preventing ourselves from getting hurt but when we come home, all disguises fall down and we are bare – alone with our thoughts and our true emotions.

That’s when you know you can fall apart. You know no one is looking. You know no one will see your weakness.

You can close the bedroom door and cry with only four cold walls as your audience. They won’t tell anyone. They will silently applaud you and you will move on.

You are allowed to cry for no reason. You feel like you have to cry. You need to let go of those foggy emotions that are bothering you.

They are making you feel uncomfortable. They are the clouds that paint your sunny mind black.

You are allowed to cry over your past. You are allowed to not let go of some things. You need to cry them out and then let them go.

That will be your closure. Maybe you didn’t have the chance to finish that chapter of your life. Maybe now is the time to get it over with.

There’s no shame in having no one to share your pain with. You have yourself. You can share it with yourself. You are the one who knows yourself the best.

You are the one who knows your way around your heart and your mind the best. You’ll manage.

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There’s no shame in screaming and sobbing into your pillow so no one hears you. It’s okay to wake up with your head leaning on a tear-soaked pillow. You will wash it off as you washed off those feelings with your tears.

You’re allowed to lie that you’re okay. You have to lie because you’re wearing your strong mask. It makes you survive the day among people when all you want to do is bury yourself deep into the darkest corner of your room and weep.

You’re allowed to stay in the bathroom staring at the mirror and looking at your bloody eyes, trying to calm yourself down because you have to enter a room full of people who will notice you’ve been crying.

You’re going to wash your face and try to get it together until your face gets back its natural color. And even if someone notices, you’re going to lie by saying you’re okay. No, you’re great. You’ve never been better.

You’re allowed to break down in front of someone. That someone will try to help you. It’s okay to get help. We all need that. We are all humans, we all have emotions and we all need help. So do you. That doesn’t make you less of a woman.

You’re allowed to hide underneath this mask you’ve created. You’re allowed to take it off when you come home.

You are allowed to fall apart because you will pick yourself up again.

It’s wonderful that you are in touch with your body, your heart, soul, and mind.

You work together. You’re going to be fine.