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50 Amazing Reasons Why I Love My Mom

50 Amazing Reasons Why I Love My Mom

There are so many reasons why I love my mom that there’s a legit chance I might forget some. But when you think about it, that only goes to show how deep my love for her runs.

She’s the first person I’ll run to for anything. She’s my built-in best friend whose unconditional love makes me want to be the best version of myself.

Mom and Dad truly make my world go round but there’s just something about my mom that makes me want to scream I love you.

If you’re blessed to have the best mom ever, don’t wait for Mother’s Day to tell her that. Moms are special human beings who deserve all the love and attention we can give them.

So today, I’m going to list all the little things (and the big ones) that make me proud to be her daughter.

If you feel the same way, share this with your mom and let’s celebrate all the ways in which they make our worlds go round!

My mom’s mood is infectious

I’ve never met a more cheerful person. Whether she’s doing chores around the house, buying ice-cream for the family, or watching her favorite Hallmark movies, she always has a bright smile on her face.

Her creativity is on another level

Whenever I’m writing a Mother’s Day card, all I can think about is a million ways my mom would make it better; she’s just so in touch with her creative side. If only it would rub off on me as well!

My mom loves me and my siblings more than anything

Her love really runs deep. Among a million reasons why I love my mom so much, her deep, selfless love takes top place. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for us (and vice versa).

She can find the silver lining in any situation

No matter the situation, my mom is the type of woman who’ll always find something positive in every dark situation! That’s probably why I always run to her when I’m struggling.

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She has some wicked dance moves!

You wouldn’t believe it but she’s the queen of the dancefloor. Luckily, it has rubbed off on me (yay). But let’s put it this way—I’d never want to be in a duel with her; she’d wipe the floor with me every single time.

She’s really good with money

She’s very smart when it comes to finances. She can save money, have enough for her everyday needs as well as buy us something extra and still live a really good life. That’s called being a boss lady.

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Her cooking skills leave nothing to be desired

Let’s put it this way; if ever you’re in need of a fantastic, delicious, home-cooked meal that’ll beat any fancy restaurant’s dishes, come to my mom’s! She’s the best cook and she loves to share.

My mom tells the best stories

Do you know how older people (not that I’m calling my mom old!) like to share all kinds of (sometimes really boring) stories? Well, my mom’s stories will keep you hooked. She’s a really good storyteller.

I learned everything I know about make-up from her

Ever since I was little, I’ve been kind of obsessed with make-up and luckily, my mom is the best and she showed me every trick in the book I need to know. Thanks to her, I’m pretty good at it myself.

She taught me good manners

I like to think that I’m a kind, considerate person with good manners. I treat everyone with the utmost respect, not just my loved ones. And that is something my mom has (thankfully) instilled in me.

DIY gifts are her specialty

She won’t just go buy something meaningless and give it to you for your birthday or on Valentine’s Day. She’ll Google the most inspiring websites and create something amazing from scratch!

She is and always will be my role model

My mom is my hero. One of the many reasons why I love my mom so much is that she practices what she preaches. And I respect that so much. She holds herself to the same standards she holds me to.

She works really hard for everything she has without complaining

You’ll never meet a more hard-working woman than her.

At one point, she worked two jobs, took care of me and my siblings, did chores around the house and took our dog for regular walks, all with a beaming smile on her face.

She doesn’t roll her eyes when I tell her I just ordered another (unnecessary) thing from Amazon

She gets it. Girls have to indulge sometimes, right? And she’ll just give me that coy smile of hers and ask what I got and if she could borrow it someday. She’s a total girl’s girl.

She isn’t scared to say I love you

Quite the contrary. She’ll scream it from the rooftops if need be. But with her, I’ll never feel unloved. She’s very vocal about her feelings, which I think is really special and quite rare.

She’s really awkward (but funny) when we sing happy birthday to her

She never knows what to do and it’s so funny!

Most of the time she just stands there, not knowing where to look and probably wondering when she’ll be able to eat the cake. Typical Mom (all the more reason to love her).

Self-care is always at the top of her priority list

I really want my mom to love herself the way we all do. And luckily, she does. She is aware that without some self-care, she wouldn’t be able to be the amazing woman she is to all of us.

She used to be an avid blogger

Can you imagine? My mom used to be one of those lifestyle bloggers who traveled around the world and wrote intriguing stories about amazing places. Oh, the things she must’ve experienced.

I know that she is always in my corner

No matter what stupid thing I do, my mom will be there. Sure, she’ll give me a disapproving look and tell me how it is but she would never ever abandon me, which she has proven a million times over.

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We often play word games on the phone with each other

This is such a silly thing but I can’t tell you how much it means to me. It’ll be a random Sunday afternoon and I’ll be playing with my mom on the phone and laughing to myself at how funny we can be.

I love hearing her play the piano

She’s really good! She taught me how to play as well. And while I don’t currently have one, which means I’m probably rusty, whenever I go home, I love hearing her play with such passion.

Her smile makes everything feel completely okay

I’ll be having the worst day ever and I’ll just look at my mom, doing her thing, happily dusting the shelves, busting out some subtle dance moves and smiling to herself. And everything will just feel like it should.

She prays for me

I mean, how much do you have to love a person to actually pray for them on a regular basis? This is the most thoughtful, selfless thing to do. I appreciate it more than hearing the words I love you.

My mom is my favorite shopping partner

As much as I LOVE shopping with my best friends, taking my mom is just on another level.

She knows exactly what I want and what I feel good in and she’d never tell me that something looked good on me if it didn’t.

She can’t wait to become a grandmother

And I can’t wait to make her one! The only thing missing from her life is a little grandkid running around her den and asking her to play hide-and-seek. And she’s in shape so I know she’ll be a hands-on grandma.

When I’m in a crisis, my mom always reminds me of who I am

Among the most beautiful reasons why I love my mom is her ability to ground me and reassure me. No matter what I’m going through, I know that she’ll show me that things are better than I think they are.

There’s no one (but me) who enjoys music more than her

Don’t get me wrong; I know SO many passionate music lovers but my mom lives for music. She feels it deep in her soul and she just gets lost in the moment. And I am exactly the same.

She loves animals

I just love people who love animals. I think that all lives are equally important and animals are a vital part of my life. I couldn’t live without my dogs and my mom feels the same way.

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She can always find things that I think I’ve lost

I can’t tell you how many times I frustratingly screamed about losing my shoes, keys or phone and my mom will find it all almost in an instant. Do moms have some sort of superpowers we don’t know about?

My mom cares about my friends almost as much as I do

She is really considerate and kind to all of my friends. She asks about them and I know she genuinely wants to know how they are. And they all really love her too. It’s such a cute little love affair!

She always takes my late-night calls

I’ll admit that I call her at ungodly hours sometimes… but the thing is, she always picks up! It’s kind of reassuring. Who would pick up late at night for you no matter what? Not many people.

Every time she visits, she just has to clean (even though I’ve already cleaned the place)

Is this a thing for every mom? I really don’t know but my mom just has to clean my place (or a part of it) when she comes to visit, even though it’s already been cleaned. Moms, am I right?

She always pushes me to go get it when I feel like I’ll fail

One of the many reasons why I love my mom is that she’ll never let me cry and give up. She’ll push me to get up, get my head in order and go get it. In her mind, I’m not allowed to quit (and thank God).

I think I’m becoming so much like her (and I’m happy about it)

Do you know how people are always going on about not wanting to be anything like their parents? Well for me, it’s the opposite.

I’ve started realizing that I am becoming a lot like my mom and nothing makes me happier.

She listens to all of my ridiculous drama

I can be a tad dramatic sometimes (so sue me). All jokes aside, no matter how much I over-exaggerate something, she’ll never brush me off. She listens, holds my hand and gives really good advice.

She still has all the trophies I got as a kid

Isn’t that the cutest? I mean, those are all silly (kind of meaningless) trophies and some are merely for participation. But she keeps them proudly displayed on a shelf in the living room. She’s the sweetest.

You can find almost anything you need in her purse

She is always fully stocked. Be it painkillers, tissues, gum, water, snacks, you name it, she’s got it. So when I’m with her, I know that I’m covered no matter what I end up needing.

Her sense of humor is seriously the best

She is SO funny but in a weird, sarcastic way. She’ll just say something ridiculous out of the blue and I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing. Her one-liners are unmatched and boy can she deliver them.

She was (and still is) the best nurse when we’re sick

Fevers, runny noses, tummy aches… she’s been through it all with us and always knew what would make it better. That’s why she’s still the first person I go to for every little thing.

She takes care of her body

Honest to God, my mom is in MUCH better shape than me! She exercises, goes to the gym, runs and always keeps active. She doesn’t like lounging around and it definitely shows. She looks badass.

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It’s like she always knows when to call me

She can almost read my mind. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about her and what she’d do in my situation and a few seconds later, my phone will ring. Can you guess who it is?

She loves Netflix

Among so many cool reasons why I love my mom, this is at the very top.

She’ll binge like no other. She loves her thrillers and dramas and when she finds a TV show she loves, she can binge it for an entire afternoon.

She gives the best haircuts

I’m not even joking. I prefer having my mom cut my hair than an actual hairdresser. She’s really good with scissors and she’s responsible for my current hairdo (that I love so much).

Her fashion style is really cool and inspiring

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. No but for real! She’ll never wear something just because it’s expected of her. She loves to dress comfortably but still really cool and stylish.

She ‘likes’ all of my social media posts

All moms kind of do this don’t they? And surprisingly, it’s also one of the reasons why I love my mom. Even if it’s a photo or a quote she doesn’t even get, she’ll like the heck out of it.

I love her relationship with her girlfriends

Honestly, the way my mom still keeps closely in touch with all of her best friends is inspiring. They talk regularly, see each other as much as possible and they are ALWAYS there for each other. It’s beautiful.

She makes the best chocolate chip cookies

And it’s not even close. It’s a secret recipe that she won’t tell me (I’ll find out one day) but every time I go home, she makes them and I overeat the moment I step inside the house. She knows it’s my weakness.

Feeding me my favorite food gives her so much joy

It’s not just the cookies; it’s any dish that I love. She loves making it all for me and she deeply enjoys watching me devour it like a pig. It’s like she secretly wants me to gain weight.

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Her name is my favorite name in the world (Hope)

Do I really have to elaborate? It’s cheesy to some but for me, it completely describes her to a T. She gives me hope when I think my ship has sunk and her name is reflected in her personality.

With her, I always know that I’m loved

One of the biggest reasons why I love my mom is the way she makes me feel. Loved. Nurtured. Taken care of. Seen. Heard. And trust me, I could go on and on. She radiates love and it’s felt from miles away.