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The Right Way To Win His Heart Over, Based On His Love Language

The Right Way To Win His Heart Over, Based On His Love Language

You’ve probably already heard about the love languages—five different ways in which people give and receive love.

Each one of us has a primary love language, the one which makes us feel loved, wanted and appreciated the most.

When you care for someone deeply, even if you don’t speak the same love language, it becomes crucial to you for this person to understand how much they mean to you and you’re searching for the best path toward their heart.

Well, that’s why we’re here to assist you by giving you the right way to win your partner’s heart, according to his primary love language.

1. Words of affirmation

This is a guy who needs your constant approval. Even though he might not admit it, he will enjoy hearing how you compliment him and praise his accomplishments.

So, when you’re trying to win him over, don’t play typical modern dating games.

Don’t wait to express your feelings to him, don’t hold back on ‘I love yous’ and don’t even think of putting him down to make him chase you.

He is not like any other men you’ve met and all of this behavior will only push him away from you.

If you don’t verbalize your emotions enough and if you stay silent about how much he means to you, he’ll feel  emotionally neglected and unwanted.

Therefore, if you really want to get under his skin, be the wind beneath his wings.

Support him in everything he tries to do and show him that you believe in him, even when he loses faith in his own abilities.

Be there to show him that his accomplishments matter and that you know he can make it.

Respond to his texts, brag to other people about your relationship in front of him, write him love letters, compliment him in front of others, don’t compare him to other guys and make sure he knows how much he means to you at all times.

When it comes to the bedroom, don’t forget to praise his skills here either.

If he does something you don’t like, be careful about criticizing him and carefully choose your words when you’re about to complain about his performance.

Remember that this guy has quite a fragile ego and the best way to get to his heart is to boost his self-confidence.

Make sure he knows he is the only man you’d ever be with and that he sees how much you respect him and everything he does.

2. Acts of service

Contrary to the previous guy, the man whose love language is acts of service doesn’t give much of a damn about what you say.

He won’t fall for your words and you can go on and on about how much you love him but if he doesn’t feel your love, you won’t have a lot of luck getting into his heart.

When you  want to win his heart and mind over, your actions have to match your words.

He is someone you have to be extra careful with because it’s over for you if he catches you giving him false promises.

Of course, the number one thing you should do is be there for him when he needs you.

Give him a hand when he is going through hard times and I promise you that he’ll appreciate it forever.

However, what makes this type different from every other man you’ve ever dated are the little things he puts his focus on and sees as a test of your feelings.

He will hold grudges about something he expected you to do for him, even though you probably thought of it as the most irrelevant thing in the world.

Well, for a man like him, it was a big deal. And if you are trying to win his heart over, you have to start paying special attention to them as well.

It’s actually pretty simple; you have to SHOW this man that you care.

No, he doesn’t need you to be his slave and do chores for him—he just wants to see that his well-being and comfort are important to you.

Make him coffee, cook his favorite meal, do a simple errand on his behalf, help him clean his apartment, put his favorite music in your car, make him a bubble bath…

Trust me, each of these gestures will mean the world to him.

3. Receiving gifts

When they hear about the love language called ‘receiving gifts’, most people think it’s reserved for just gold-diggers and that it is closely connected to everything materialistic.

At first glance, they assume that the only way to get these people to love you is to get them expensive presents, to take them out to fancy dinners and, basically, to buy their love.

Therefore, they assume you can forget about dating someone with this love language unless you’re filthy rich.

Well, the truth is quite different because receiving gifts actually doesn’t have anything to do with money or anything materialistic.

It’s just that these people enjoy knowing the fact that their significant other thought of them at a given moment and remembered to buy or make them a gift.

Of course, this present doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be a little something that shows the guy you care for was on your mind.

The best way to prove your emotions to a man like him is actually to make him something yourself.

He will be thrilled by the fact that you put in the effort into surprising him and putting a smile on his face.

What they hate are ‘random’ presents without any deeper meaning.

Don’t get him some shower gel or something similar that shows that you didn’t want to appear empty-handed but

invested zero thought into picking his gift.

Instead, focus on personalized stuff. Get him something that will have meaning and something that will always remind him of you.

Also, you will knock him off his feet if you just pay closer attention to what he says.

Remember that shirt he was window shopping for a few months ago? Well, his birthday is the perfect opportunity for him to receive it.

Remember how he kept blabbing about, for example, his favorite toy when he was a kid? Why not buy him that exact toy now?

In fact, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy or make something for this man.

Instead, he will be even more thrilled if he sees that you love him the same every day.

4. Quality time

At first glance, you might think of this man as overly needy.

After all, he acts like he wants to spend every minute of his free time with you and you’re afraid that the two of you will get bored of each other if you keep going at this pace.

Well, let me tell you a little secret—he doesn’t care about the amount of time he spends with you as much as he is interested in its quality.

No, he is not the possessive type—he just wants to have your undivided attention whenever you two are together.

Besides, the fact that he can’t get enough of you is a good sign. It means that he’s crazy about you and that you’re already halfway there in winning him over completely.

Therefore, whenever you’re with him, put all your focus on whatever he’s telling you.

Show him that you are a good listener and that every word coming out of his mouth matters.

Stay away from social media and your phone in general. Don’t think about bringing your friends along because he wants to have some privacy with you.

Put an effort into planning your dates and don’t always go to the same coffee shop, as comfortable as you might feel there. Instead, suggest some new activities you know he would like.

Surprise him by booking you two a romantic weekend getaway and planning the entire trip together.

Pick him up after work and take him to a spa or to spend a few hours in nature.

No matter how busy you two are, find time for him and make sure it is well spent.

5. Physical touch

When you hear that a guy’s ‘love language’ is connected with physical touch, the first thing you have in mind is that he is a player who only wants to get into your pants.

You think he doesn’t care about anything besides getting laid and that’s the last type of man you want.

Besides, if getting physical is the only way he can feel the depth of another person’s feelings, there must be something seriously wrong with him.

After all, you don’t plan on proving your love to him by letting him take you home.

Even though these thoughts you’ve been having are nothing unusual, I have to tell you that men whose love language is physical touch are not sex maniacs who have only one thing on their minds. Instead, they crave intimacy on more than one superficial level.

Therefore, he won’t think that you love him only when you sleep with him as there are many other ways in which you can show him your feelings outside of the bedroom.

Start with a PDA—he sees it as a confirmation of your intentions. Don’t kiss him just when you two greet or when you’re about to have some action; do it out of nowhere.

Hug him tightly every time you have a chance to. Grab his hand or touch him when no one sees it, just to show him that you’re there and that you’re not going anywhere.

Most importantly—cuddle before, during and after intercourse.