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7 Signs You’re Serial Monogamist

7 Signs You’re Serial Monogamist

A serial monogamist is someone who jumps from one relationship immediately into another one.

They cannot stand to be alone and yet they have an issue with commitment that they’re not willing to admit.

It’s different from being promiscuous because they don’t mindlessly change their partners only for the sake of sex. 

They prefer to be in a traditional type of relationship but unfortunately they don’t take time to reflect on their previous relationships and so keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

They don’t try to work on their insecurities and problems but believe that engaging in a relationship with a new person will solve their problems.

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever caught yourself doing the same thing, jumping from one relationship to another only to discover the next person was a rebound?

Here are 7 signs you might be a serial monogamist:

1. You start relationships fast and easy

It seems like relationship stuff comes to you easily. You have no problem finding a person to date and you usually commit too soon.

You have no second thoughts about calling them boyfriend or girlfriend.

Once you’re with them – you want to know everything. They become the center of your universe. You enjoy getting to know them and they don’t seem to mind that either.

2. You can’t remember the last time you were single for more than a few months

Every time your relationship ends, you don’t give yourself time to grieve and reflect on the things that led to the breakup.

Instead, you find yourself looking for someone new to take your mind off your previous relationship. Even if you don’t recognize that pattern immediately, looking back at the past you can see it clearly.

What was the longest period you’ve been single? Think about it.

3. You don’t really like the idea of dating

The whole concept of dating isn’t something you like. You want to be exclusive with one person and don’t like the idea of going on dates with more than one person.

Being committed and close to one person is the only thing you’re interested in. The problem is – it doesn’t last.

4. Soon after every breakup, you always find someone you like and end up in a relationship

People who are used to being in a relationship and love committing their life to another person have a hard time being single.

You’ve just happened to find another great person you like and decided to give it a go. Why not?

5. You’re romantic and idealistic

The problem is that you truly believe things will be different with different people. Many lovable, romantic, and highly idealistic people have the same problem.

They’re obsessed with love, but fail to acknowledge practical problems in a relationship or get disappointed easily.

It’s not that being with different people won’t be different and better, it’s just that for the relationship to work out you need to work on yourself first.

In other words, you need to reflect on everything that wasn’t good in your previous relationship and learn from this before you enter another one. You need to be responsible and self-critical.

6. You love being in a relationship, but you’re always scared to take the next big step

We’ve already mentioned the fact that you like being in a relationship, but something about making things very serious (for example getting married) doesn’t sit well with you.

You get nervous and start questioning your relationship – and this often comes from taking all of the steps too fast without giving yourself time to think and possibly heal.

7. Sometimes when you look back at your exes – you can’t understand why you liked them

When you look back at your history of exes, sometimes you wonder what the hell you saw in those guys? They’re all so different and looking from your current perspective you can’t recall why you liked them.

It almost seems that you were never in love with them. Could that be true?

Don’t be afraid to be single

If you recognize yourself in any of these signs – don’t be disappointed. This isn’t something you have no control over.

What you need to do is admit your mistakes and try to be more mindful. Before engaging in a new relationship ask yourself are you ready for it?

Maturity comes from self-reflection, and from maturity comes real and long-lasting love.