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Someone Special Will Come Into Your Life And Not Give Up On You

Someone Special Will Come Into Your Life And Not Give Up On You

After everything you’ve been through, he will come. He will come to you and show you everything men before him should have done to make you stay.

You will see how magnificent the feeling is when you don’t have to constantly question his intentions, because with everything he does, he makes you remember that he loves you and that he won’t ever leave.

I know that you’ve been waiting for so long for him to come into your life, but wait just a bit longer. He will come at just the right time.

When you least expect it to happen, he will come to you and he will blow you off of your feet.

It’s the man who will show you how true love is supposed to feel because he’s not going to make you feel lonely—he’s going to show you how important you are to him.

You will be good enough for him. Even more than that, you will be perfect for him. Not only will he make you fall in love with him, but he will make you fall in love with yourself again.

He will show you that loving you is the easiest thing ever, so you will start to love yourself, too. Isn’t this the biggest present someone can give you? It’s not roses and chocolates that you need—you need love and appreciation.

He will give you all of that. Even the roses, the attention and all the love he has.

He’s been broken, too, you know? No one’s life is easy and we all face some struggles.

Maybe his heart has been torn apart as well and he was searching for someone to make him remember that in the right hands, his heart can be whole again.

Cherish him. Take care of his heart, too. He will be thankful and show you that there is nothing he loves more but the way you treat and love him.

You won’t be able to replace him, because nothing will be the same without him. That’s when you know that it’s true love.

Don’t give up on searching for him! Giving up in this case means letting toxic people into your life and that’s not something you want.

It’s better to wait for THE one who will never do anything that could hurt you. There is nothing toxic in true and genuine love. It’s just pure and beautiful.

Even if you think that he will leave you, he probably won’t. Because there is nothing you can do to make him leave you, he will always fight for you to stay on his side! Sounds weird, right?

When you were always the one giving yourself away too much, you’re now probably sitting there wondering if men like this exist in this world anymore. But they do—they do for sure.

You just need to make space for him.

By letting go of every person who doesn’t have the same views on love as you, you’re making space in your life and your heart for the one who’s coming.

In your worst days, when you don’t feel like going out of the house, the nights when you cry yourself to sleep, he won’t leave you alone. He will be right next to you, wiping off your tears or kissing the trails of your tears.

You’re used to people giving up on you, but he won’t give up. He will see your beauty, your pure soul and he will never get tired of your kisses.

He will want to kiss your lips good morning and kiss your forehead at night when you fall asleep. You will stay wondering how could a human being ever be this caring and loving.

Be patient, he will come. He will come at just the right moment and you will feel like the whole world has stopped—like you two are the only people in this Universe.

You will feel warmth and his gentle hug will throw you off your feet.

Be patient and wait for that moment. Wait for that man and don’t be afraid to fall in love again.