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Sometimes, I Forget About You

Sometimes, I Forget About You

When I lay alone at night, I can’t remember how it felt to lie next to you. I can’t remember how your touch felt nor how much I loved you. I can’t wrap my mind about why you are no longer lying next to me.

Sometimes, I can’t remember the color of your eyes or how you looked at me. I forget how I could feel your gaze from across the room and how your look made me feel like the only girl in this world.

I can’t remember the color of your hair or the color of your voice. I forget all those nice things you used to say to me. I forget how you made me feel special and how much I loved to hear you talk to me.

I forget all the movies we went to watch together, who’s your favorite character, and in which movie you’d like to live. Sometimes I forget your favorite song or our song. I forget the dance moves of the song we danced on my birthday. Sometimes, I forget the date of your birthday.

Sometimes, I forget how you made me laugh. I forget how good it felt to be with you and how everybody loved to see us together. I forget where you loved to eat, what’s your favorite meal and what was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in a restaurant.

I forget that I love you. That you still exist in my heart. I forget how much I miss you and how much I want you. I forget to ask about you or to check your profile. I forget about us. Sometimes, there is just me. Sometimes, I can’t remember all the plans we made for us and the things you promised me.

Sometimes I forget how I looked forward to every date we had. I forget how my hand fits perfectly in yours. I can’t remember how you smell or how your kiss tasted. I can’t remember how long we dated or how long we are not dating anymore. I forget how you bit your lip when you were nervous or how you talked with admiration about the things you love. I forget the sparkle in your eyes when I wore that red dress you always loved.

Sometimes, I forget about you.

But, most of the time, I don’t.

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