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Stop Thinking About Him, Because He’s Not Thinking About You

Stop Thinking About Him, Because He’s Not Thinking About You

I’ve been where you are now. I’ve been there and I have felt just the way you’re feeling now.

Hopeless, right? Like you weren’t good enough to please him, no matter what you did.

You gave everything you could to that relationship, but it simply wasn’t enough. Love wasn’t enough.

Now you’ve come to the point where your memories are overwhelming you and you can’t seem to understand why or even how to quit thinking about him.

You continue to go over everything that happened and you can’t believe the outcome. He’s gone and you’re now left alone with your thoughts.

The memories keep coming back to you.

You remember the time he brought you that huge bouquet of roses and he told you that, as beautiful as they were, they couldn’t compare to your beauty.

You also remember the time he made you dinner after a long day at work and he told you that that was the least he could do for you.

You remember the smiles and the laughter, the nights spent talking with each other about topics only the two of you understood.

You turn back to the memories you created and you cry, because it hurts.

What hurts the most is that you forgot the time he came home late that night, smelling like another woman.

You forgot about the time you told him to move out of your apartment because he slapped you when he was drunk, so he made you dinner to make it up to you.

You forgot about all those times you forgave him for his mistakes, just because he brought you a bouquet of roses.

You forgave him because he swore that he loved you.

Those were just words and you are not willing to accept the truth.

Why is it easier for women to believe in lies than it is to face the truth? Are we really so blinded by the love we feel for the men who betray us?

That same love makes us go through so much sorrow and misery that no one can see, because we keep everything to ourselves.

We go back to those men in our memories. We forget how hurt we were and we just remember those happy moments, never regretting them.

Our eyes get blinded by our feelings. We are such pure creatures.

The question here is: Do you think that he remembers you, too? Under the sheets of another woman? Buying her roses every time he messes something up?

Kissing her neck and swearing to her how much he loves her? Do you really think that he has time to think about you when he is probably, right now, kissing her?

No. As much as you don’t want to hear it, he’s not thinking about you.

You were just a phase in his life, but he was everything you ever dreamed of. That’s the problem here.

Why would you want to think about a man who doesn’t bother to think about you?

Who doesn’t bother to go through his memories of you, because he has another woman to hug right now?

He’s not thinking about the way your skin felt under his fingers, because he’s too busy touching the skin of another.

Why are you giving him the pleasure of being constantly on your mind and in everything you do?

Stop it, now!

You are missing out on so many wonderful opportunities to meet a man who can treasure you, just the way you truly deserve.

You could finally meet someone who will keep his promises and show you what true love is supposed to feel like!

That’s why you need to stop thinking about your past, now more than ever.

I know that it’s much harder than I make it sound, but there is no other option but to stop thinking about him.

He was nothing more than an important life lesson you needed to learn.

Wasn’t that enough? He had the pleasure of being in your life for a short period of time and his time is done.

Stop chasing lost moments, when your future could be filled with so much beauty that you can’t even imagine.

Let go of him and you will open your heart to receive love again. Isn’t that what we all live for?

The day when we will be liberated from our past and we will continue into the future, smiling, laughing and loving.