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The Best Revenge Is To Move On

The Best Revenge Is To Move On

He did this to you. He turned you into an empty shell, with eyes full of tears and a scream in your throat that you’re not able to let go.

He made your thirst for revenge bigger—so big, in fact, that no reasonable conversation could change your mind. You have made your decision.

But stop! Please, stop with those thoughts that are eating you alive. They are not even letting you sleep properly.

Those thoughts are turning you into the monster that he wanted to make out of you, but don’t let him. Believe me, the best revenge is to move on.

The best revenge is self-love. Don’t give him the pleasure by showing him that he made you doubt yourself.

Walk around with your head held high and your heart in its place. Take care of yourself and don’t ever make the same mistake again of thinking that you’re not good enough or that you are unworthy of love.If he wasn’t able to love you, it doesn’t mean that you are unlovable.

Love yourself fully. With everything you’ve got. Forget about getting even and forget about having the upper hand.

Forget about all those times you figured out a strategy to show him what he lost. Just don’t. He will be more than sorry when he sees you happy, like he never meant a thing to you.

The best revenge is to let go. Let go of everything that has happened because you can’t change your past now. You can’t influence what happened and you can’t hold on to something that’s not there anymore.

So, learn to let go. Learn to free yourself from everything that doesn’t serve you—and your past probably doesn’t, does it?

The best revenge is to be happy. When he left you, deceived you or whatever he did to break you, he probably wanted to see you crash. Now let him see you thrive! Smile, laugh, dance and have an awesome time.

You only have one life and this one is yours, so don’t spend it dwelling over someone who doesn’t even care about your tears because if he did, he wouldn’t have done this to you.

Be happy and show the world that you can rise again after being thrown to the ground.

You can rise and become wiser from your mistakes. There is no one holding you down anymore except yourself. Don’t let it continue this way.

The best revenge is forgiveness. You might think that I am crazy for saying this, but forgiveness is something so holy that not everyone has the ability to practise it.

If you forgive, you will be better than most of us, so forgive. Don’t hold grudges because they will poison your mind and your heart, and you will become just like him. I’m pretty sure you don’t want that.

You are not a toxic person. You are a wonderful human being who needs love and affection. He wasn’t able to give you that and that’s why you need to forgive him. He didn’t know better.

The best revenge is taking care of yourself. To know when you’ve had enough and when you want to take a day off from all the chaos in this world is a blessing.

You need to have time for yourself in which you’re going to relax and forget about the rest of the world because no one is more important than you now—especially in this time when you need to get back on your feet again.

The best revenge is to heal. When you show him that the wounds he inflicted are healing or already healed, then there’s nothing more that will bother him.

He wanted to break you and you showed him what a purer soul looks like and how important it is for you to heal properly.

The best revenge is to move on. To move on and to never look back.

Keep in mind that it was a valuable lesson that needed to happen in order for you to become wiser and to show you that you are much stronger than you ever thought before.