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The Full Moon In December Will Push All Zodiac Signs Into Emotional Overdrive

The Full Moon In December Will Push All Zodiac Signs Into Emotional Overdrive

The year is slowly coming to its end and it’s not going to leave without one final bang.  The last full moon of the year will appear on December 11 or 12, depending on your time zone. 

This full moon is also known as the Full Cold Moon. We can only hope that the changes it brings won’t be as cold. 

It’s well known that the moon phases affect our emotional state. As it travels through the phases of the lunar cycle, it provokes the cycling of our emotions as well. 

The impact a full moon has on each zodiac sign is unquestionable and of enormous emotional intensity.

December 2019’s Full Cold Moon falls in the sign of the twins. That’s why we might be torn between two very strong emotions or two very distinct decisions. 

To make things more clear and precise, let’s take a look at the effect this full moon is going to have on each individual zodiac sign. 


You are one of the few lucky signs this full moon will affect the least. Still, you must be smart about it. Distance yourself from people who drain your energy. 

Find some time for yourself because you know you deserve it.

All you need is some peace and quiet, and a day without anyone nagging or asking questions. So unplug and relax. 


Ending things or establishing firm boundaries is what you are currently faced with. The fact that the holiday season is at the doorstep is not making your decision any easier. 

You’ve fallen into the melancholy and forgiving spirit of the season on one hand, and on the other, you’re aware you deserve better.  

Listen to your gut instinct and do what’s best for you.

Shut down everything influencing you from the outside, including your friends, family, and even your holiday state of mind. 


Although you are very vocal and not afraid to communicate your feelings, this December’s full moon will mess with your mind.

The duality you already possess will be more intense. 

You won’t know what you think or feel, let alone how to communicate that to someone else. So let everything be for the time being. 

Put off any serious conversations or decisions until after the New Year.

Don’t force yourself; you don’t have to do anything immediately. Wait until you are calm and collected, and clear about your wishes. 


You are already emotional as it is and this full moon isn’t helping. It’s pushing you into emotional overdrive and you feel both mentally and physically exhausted. 

You’re remembering your loved ones in heaven and you miss them to bits.

You’re recalling all the painful things you suffered through this year and trying to figure out why the people you loved hurt you so badly. 

Feel your feelings. Don’t feel pressured to be happy because everyone around you is on holiday hype. Cry and scream if you feel like it. 

Distance yourself from everything that’s hurting you and try to find peace from within.

This is just a bad patch, not a bad life – it will pass. As the full moon starts to fade, you will start to feel better and understand why certain things had to happen.  


Although you are usually charming when you speak, you’ll notice that everything you say tends to come out wrong.

You’ll trip and fall over your words so many times it’ll hurt. 

Someone you care for romantically might easily misinterpret what you say.

So word of advice Leo: Think before you speak. It will save you a lot of trouble. Everything other than that will be going in your favor. 

You’ll think about gift ideas for your loved ones and get into the Christmas spirit.

You will dedicate this Christmas to getting closer to your family and friends. 


“Under pressure” will be the exact description of your state of mind during this full moon.  You’ll be torn between two choices and not know which way to go. 

All the uncertainties and lack of facts will frustrate and annoy you like nothing else.

Although you’re usually cool and collected, you might find yourself in a situation that’s beyond your control. 

Try not to overanalyze the situation. Trust your feelings and see where they take you.

This might be unsettling for you, but it’ll push you out of your comfort zone and force you to decide without having all the facts. 


The full moon in Gemini, combined with your natural indecisiveness, will drive you insane. So don’t even try to make any rational decisions. 

There’s nothing that can’t wait. Especially avoid having serious conversations with your sweetheart if you can’t decide how you want certain things to be.

They surely won’t guess and they can’t decide for you. 

Things will be more clear once the full moon passes and your emotions balance out.

In the meantime, try to focus on the holidays and let some things settle. You don’t have to have all the answers right away. 


You need a bit of vacation time and you need it ASAP. After the year you had both privately and at work, it’s no wonder you’re one step away from burnout. 

So listen to your inner needs and if you still can’t go on a vacation, you can surely have one day off.  Spend some time with yourself and recharge your batteries. 

Practice self-care and surround yourself with good people and good vibes. Let the heavy stuff go and start the new year on the right note. 


This year has been full of ups and downs and they’re taking its toll this December. You’re all out of f**ks to give and you’re telling it as you see it. 

It’s great that you are honest, but make sure you don’t hurt people. There’s a thin line between being honest and being mean. 


Under this full moon, you’ll find yourself in a financial dilemma: to spend or to save? 

Your heart will be set on spending, but calculate your budget and see if it’s a good idea.

Remember, holidays are about love and closeness – gifts are optional. 

Don’t argue with your partner about finances; it’s not worth it. Look at your struggles together and find a way to solve them. 


The full moon will shed some light on the love issues you might be experiencing. It’s time to work on and fix things. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about the things that bother you.

Keeping it all bottled up inside won’t do you any good. 

Remember it’s always better to know the truth and where you stand with someone than allow them to string you along.  


While you did your best to see the best in people, this Full Cold Moon will highlight the fact that it’s impossible to find good in somebody who doesn’t have it in them. 

It’s time for you to release and let go of all those things or people you don’t want to carry with you. 

You’ll struggle with this decision, but soon enough you’ll realize that it’s easier without toxicity in your life.