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The More You Play With Her, The Faster She’ll Lose Interest

The More You Play With Her, The Faster She’ll Lose Interest

I won’t lie to you – there are girls who are into games. Girls who will run after you when you try running away from them.

There are girls who will go crazy for you, the moment you start pretending to be hard-to-get. 

Girls who are turned on by the fact that they have to compete for your attention with other women and girls who are ready to do whatever it takes to make you choose them. Girls who like drama and the chase.

There are girls who don’t mind wasting their energy on trying to get to the bottom of your personality. Girls who are into guys who act all mysterious and secretive.

Girls who get all hyped up when they need to decode your mixed signals and who are willing to read between the lines in an attempt to figure out your every word and action.

However, this one is different.

First and foremost, you’d be wrong for calling her a girl. She is a mature woman who knows what she wants and isn’t ready to settle for anything less.

A self-sufficient woman who has her standards that she won’t lower for anyone. An independent woman who doesn’t need you to make her complete.

She doesn’t give a toss about modern dating rules. She isn’t into playing games or ignoring guys to get their attention.

So, if you try leading her on, if you try messing up with her head, you won’t make her love you even more. You won’t make her go crazy for you and you certainly won’t make her chase you.

Instead, you’ll end up doing the complete opposite. You’ll chase her away.

The more she has to wait for you to answer her text and call her, the more distant she’ll grow. No, it won’t make her wonder where you are and it won’t make her double-text you.

Instead, it will only make her give up on you – make her lose the desire to contact you ever again.

The More You Play With Her, The Faster She'll Lose Interest

No, she won’t hope it’s you calling every time her phone rings. She’ll block your number and forget you were ever a part of your life.

You’ll lose this girl more and more with every sleepless night she spends waiting for you to come and pick her up, the way you promised. With every lie and empty excuse you think she’ll believe.

You’ll make her lose more and more interest each time she starts to feel that you’re treating like her a second choice and backup plan. Every time you compare her with other girls and every time you make her feel she is not enough.

You’ll increasingly lose your grip on this girl each time you try to hide her from the rest of the world. Each time you call her to hang out after midnight. Each time you avoid introducing her to your friends.

You’ll turn her off you every time you sneak out of her house after sleeping with her and whenever you refuse to take her out on a real date.

You’ll chase her away every time you cancel plans, fail to put her first, and make her second guess your intentions.

What do you expect? That she’ll put up with you disappearing and coming back in her life whenever you feel like it?

Well, think again because you couldn’t be more wrong.  

The more time this girl spends waiting for you to come to your senses and get your shit together, the more determined she’ll be to walk away from you.

You see, just because this girl likes you, it doesn’t mean that she’ll beg for your love. It doesn’t mean that she is ready to put up with all of your crap and will keep quiet about all of your wrongdoings.

It doesn’t imply that she’ll allow you to treat her however you feel or approve of your lousy behavior.

Most of all, it doesn’t mean that she’ll be your ego booster – someone you can call whenever you want, just to show to yourself that you’re still man enough to win any girl over.

So, if you even think of playing mind games with her, walk on past to your next victim because you won’t accomplish anything with this woman.

The More You Play With Her, The Faster She'll Lose Interest