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The Most Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

The Most Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs, Ranked


If anyone is brutally honest, it’s Sagittarius. You just cannot lie. Even if you want to, it goes against your nature.

Telling the truth is a great quality but sometimes it can turn around and bite you in the ass.

Not everyone enjoys hearing the truth and when you tell a person something they don’t want to hear, they get mad.

They think of you as cold and harsh when actually by telling them the truth, you’re doing them a favor.

You don’t want to lie and you cannot stand when someone is lying to you. You like to keep things honest and straightforward.

Too bad that many people cannot handle the truth.


Aries tells the truth, always, under all circumstances. You can’t stand hiding what’s clearly logical and out there.

Also, if someone asks you something you don’t like, like why you wore that top with those jeans, you’ll go after them with everything you’ve got.

You’ll be telling the truth but you’ll be brutal because your feelings were hurt.

You have no problem getting into a fight with someone because you are brutally honest. You just don’t back down and frankly, if you’re right, you shouldn’t.


Leos tell the truth but only when asked for it. You are the type of person who will never lie to someone’s face.

You may be quiet when no one asks you anything but when asked, you go for it and say every little thing that’s on your mind, no matter how harsh it is.

At the end of the day, people regret asking you anything in the first place. You want to be a person people trust.

You want to be a leader and leave the impression of a truthful person who keeps their promises.

You care about how people perceive you and being a liar in someone’s eyes is not an option for you.


Cancers tell the truth but they make it as painless as possible. Such an emotional person as you is not that brutally honest.

You are honest but when you tell someone the truth, you keep in mind to do so as painlessly as possible.

You believe that honesty is the key to every successful relationship and you’re right. Actually, you do it the best out of all the zodiac signs. You’re honest but you’re not hurtful.


Virgos sometimes tell the truth but sometimes they lie. You are somewhere in-between.

Sometimes you tell the truth and end up being brutal but sometimes you tell white lies so as not to hurt the people you love.

It’s not your intention to hurt anyone so sometimes you choose to tell a lie when it’s an extraordinary situation and your lie is completely justified.


Taurus tell lies to avoid conflict. You are not comfortable with confronting people, so you would rather choose to lie than tell the truth, if the truth would provoke a reaction from the person you’re talking to.

When you are in an uncomfortable situation, you’re going to lie your way out and do pretty much anything to save yourself.

You will also lie to lift someone’s spirits when they feel down and to ease your conscience.


Scorpios lie to make themselves feel better. When you’re feeling low, you have no problem targeting someone and lying to their face to make them feel crappy but to make you feel great at the same time.

You use lying as a tool to tell a story in a dramatic way. You want to present yourself as interesting, so you use all kinds of tactics and one of them is lying.

But when you are in a relationship, when you really trust someone, you become an honest and trustworthy person.


Capricorns don’t necessarily lie, they just try to avoid having to trust others.

You have found yourself on more than occasion in a situation where someone demanded that you tell the truth but you chose to use sarcasm instead, to avoid giving them an answer to their question.

You will always share the truth with someone close to you but when it comes to discussing your personal life, you lie to make sure people who are not your friends stay in the dark.


Aquarius tells the truth when they feel someone needs to hear it.

You are not the most honest person out there but you tend to speak the truth most of the time and people seem to think of you as a trustworthy person.

When you lie, you lie for a good reason, and mostly it’s because you don’t want to hurt the person you’re lying to.

But when you feel that person needs a reality check, you’re going to be absolutely, brutally honest .


Pisces has almost mastered the craft of lying. You are such a good liar that sometimes you even manage to make yourself believe in a lie you’ve told.

But you don’t lie for your own personal gain.

The only reason you lie so much is to spare other people’s feelings, and sometimes without even knowing it.

You cannot stand criticism and when someone is out to get you, you’ll gladly lie your way out of it.


Librans lie to get something from someone. The only person you’re honest with is yourself.

You also lie when someone tries to prove you wrong. You can’t stand being outsmarted by someone else, so you’ll lie just to prove a point.

You don’t lie to deceive people for fun but you lie to make a good impression.

That something you want from others is a good reputation. You want people to think how great you are.


And finally, here they are, Geminis, the absolute masters of lying. You are ready to completely invent stories and events that never happened. Your imagination runs wild.

Maybe you should try writing screenplays or scripts because it’s like a movie in your head.

People know that almost everything you say is a lie and they don’t take your words that seriously because there is a 50/50 chance that what you’ve said is a lie.