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The Sweetest Thing A Man Could Ever Say (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

The Sweetest Thing A Man Could Ever Say (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)


“ You inspire me and make me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Reading between the lines will only frustrate an Aries. They are more into people who are straightforward and honest.

So if you manage to wrap honesty and wit into something sweet-sounding, you will definitely get closer to an Aries.

However, for an Aries, it’s more important what you do and not so much what you say. So show them that they have your respect and appreciation


“ You are someone I will keep falling for each day because every new thing I found out about you makes me love you more”

Romantic Taurus is more into partners that are like them in that area. They don’t like people who act cold and distant.

They will want somebody who keeps the romance real and enjoys the little things. Kissing, hugging and cuddling equals breathing when it comes to Taurus in love.


“ You lead an interesting and exciting life. I would love to share it with you.”

A day spent with a Gemini is never boring. They always have something to talk about, and they are full of ideas that inevitably lead to laughter.

Tell them that there is nothing you would rather do than share all that fun with them. Don’t be scared to be upfront about how you feel. A Gemini will appreciate it.


“ I want to be there for you always, no matter what. “

A Cancer is guided by their emotions. They can really feel deeply and form attachments soon. They crave stable and meaningful relationships.

Their emotions also awaken their insecurities, so they sometimes need a bit of reassurance from the other side.

There is nothing nicer Cancer can hear than you are by their side and that you will stay there, no matter what.


“I can be myself when I am with you, and that’s just perfect for me.”

Leo is confident and has a huge, loving heart. For a Leo, there is no notion more perfect than knowing that they are adding to someone’s happiness and bliss.

They will go above and beyond for the person they care about. They enjoy hearing that they are making someone happy, and they will do even more to impress them.


“ You are the perfect combination of sexy and smart.”

A Virgo is passionate, dedicated to their work and highly ambitious. They love that about themselves, and they love the person who notices that even more.

They are not all about the intellect, and they need to be reminded that they are beautiful inside and out.


“ I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I like you just the way you are.”

Libra is the one who always cares more and puts other people and their feelings first. In all of that, they tend to lose track of themselves from time to time.

They need someone who will remind them that they are perfect just the way they are. They are kind and loving creatures, and they need to be reminded that they are loved, too.


“ I admire your passion.”

Scorpios are as passionate in life as they are in love. They are not only great lovers, they are also successful and driven in their work life, too.

They have a hard time opening up, so hearing that you admire their passion will breach their walls a bit. And that’s the only way to get close to a Scorpio—bit by bit.


“No amount of time spent with you is ever enough.”

Saying aloud that you enjoy spending time with them and that you wish to do that as much as possible in the future is all a Sag wants to hear.

They love making other people happy, and if their presence is the cause of that, they couldn’t be more thrilled. Stay positive and keep it real with a Sag, and you’ll get a long way.


“ You never leave my mind, even when I have millions of other things on it.”

Super busy and highly ambitious are two of the many perks of being a Capricorn. They really value hard work, so if someone remembers them in the middle of a hectic day, that will only make their hearts grow fonder.

They need to see that somebody is invested and interested as much as they are. They like to play it safe, and they prefer if someone else makes the first move—or at least meets them halfway.


“ I feel like I have known you for ages even though we are just getting to know each other”

If you have a true connection with an Aries, you are all set with this line. It will make them think and analyze your words.

Aquarius loves nothing more than a deep, intellectual, real conversation. A person who can match that is the right person for them. They appreciate uniqueness and open-mindedness.


“ I love daydreaming about you.”

Romantic dreamers are one of the best ways to describe Pisces. They will want someone who gets them; someone who doesn’t mind that their thoughts tend to wander off from time to time.

So saying that they are part of your dreams is really the best way to go. It’s cute, simple and honest. They want to know that you really care.