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The Truth Is I Love You, But You’re Not Worth It

The Truth Is I Love You, But You’re Not Worth It

It’s so hard to let go of someone you thought was the one. It’s heartbreaking to know that you were never meant to be together.

This time something strange happened, a mistake in the system, wrong wiring that put us together.

Sometimes I think it’s a cruel joke God played on me. Here you go, fall in love with him, give him everything you’ve got, open your heart, let him in and he will spin around and stomp on it.

He will have the time of his life and you’re going to be paying the price in tears.

This pain I feel won’t go away. It appears everywhere—in my heart, in my soul and in my mind. I can’t fight it anymore.

I can’t fight you anymore. I’m sorry, but I’m giving up.

Why did you go to the trouble of winning me over, why did you ask for my attention if you were never serious? Why would anyone do that, make a person fall in love and then not give a crap?

You swore you loved me. You promised to keep me safe. You promised no one would ever touch me, no one would ever hurt me.

But the irony is that you broke all the promises you made me. You are the one who is doing everything you said you were going to protect me from.

Maybe you’re not hurting me on purpose but that just proves that you don’t care and you never did.

And that’s why you don’t deserve me. That’s why you are not worthy of me.

I’m trying so hard to erase my love for you, I’m hoping it will fade away and slowly disappear. I hope that letting you go and getting over you won’t be that hard.

It shouldn’t be so hard but it is because my heart doesn’t want to accept that you don’t love me.

My heart doesn’t want to believe that you never loved me. My mind doesn’t want to accept that our paths should never have crossed.

But it will have to because I don’t want to live like this anymore. I have to let you go, even though I still love you, because I have to think about myself and what’s good for me.

This time I have to put myself first.

I’m done making everyone around me feel happy and satisfied. I’m done granting wishes and stomping all over myself while doing so. I’m done being my own last resort.
I put so much into our relationship.

Even when I saw that we were growing apart, just because I stopped trying, I gave it another shot. I didn’t give up right away, even though I should have, because you didn’t deserve another chance.

I tried to understand you. I was trying to find a reason why things played out the way they did. I was more than reasonable with you.

No one else would put up with your shit like I did and you still didn’t appreciate me. You still didn’t see how much I tried, not even then.

I was always there for you when life kicked you down. I was the shoulder you rested your head on when you got tired.

I was the smiling face you came home to after a hard day. But you know what?

Your head was too heavy to rest on my shoulder but I let you do it anyway. I didn’t feel like smiling but I did it anyway; I did it to make you feel better.

I did it to comfort you when you needed me. Once again, I put you above me.

I can’t keep trying to make you love me. I can’t keep fighting for us because there was never us, it was only you and it was only me. And you… you didn’t deserve me.

This relationship has become torture. I’m not happy and now that I’ve stopped trying to please you, you aren’t happy either. It hurts like hell to let you go but it will hurt even more to make you stay.

You’ll find someone who is right for you and I know I will find someone who is right for me. Someone who deserves me, someone who will be worthy of all the love and effort I’m going to put into our relationship.

I love you but you’re just not worth it. You will never love anyone but yourself so I just hope you’ll find someone who will accept you for who you are.