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There Are 5 Different Types Of Cheating But This One Is The Worst

There Are 5 Different Types Of Cheating But This One Is The Worst

Honestly, there isn’t anything one can say that could possibly alleviate the pain of infidelity.

It leaves a permanent mark on you and affects you more than you would like it to.

The most common question people have after being cheated on is “Why?”

Why would this person you were supposed to trust more than anyone decide to hurt you this way?

What goes through their mind as they’re about to engage in this shameful act with another person?

It’s just hard to imagine your loved one sleeping next to anyone other than you, and yet, it happened.

And you’re left dealing with it as best you know how.

Wondering how it got to this point and why it had to happen to you. But people cheat for various reasons.

And oftentimes, it has nothing to do with you.

Not that it’s any consolation (nor should it be), but it’s important that you know that being cheated on says absolutely nothing about you, and everything about your partner.

They are the one who took advantage of your trust and decided to make a fool of you.

They are the one who did the one thing they were never supposed to do and hurt you beyond measure.

To help you get a clear insight into why people cheat and how they get to that point, here are 5 types of cheating that occur and the last one is the worst. 

1. Situational cheating

This type of cheating occurs when one is committed to their partner and probably loves them a lot, but whenever an opportunity arises, this person will take advantage of it and cheat.

Let’s say you’re in a relationship with Mark.

Now, he loves you and is a devoted partner, but whenever he goes on a business trip, he’s in a situation where he gets to choose if he’s about to cheat on you with his colleague or stay faithful.

And Mark chooses infidelity.

He knows he’s far from home; he’s in a perfect situation to do this and not be found out.

When he gets home, he gives you tons of attention and love because he knows that he has cheated on you and most probably will keep doing so as long as the situation is ideal.

2. Cheating out of need for approval

There are some people who are more insecure than others.

And I mean, a LOT more insecure.

They are in a relationship, everything seems to be going fine, the sex life is great, but it isn’t enough for them.

This person needs to feel validated. No matter what you say, they don’t feel good enough.

They need to be viewed as good by others.

And that’s why they seek other opportunities to have sex – they need to feel good about themselves.

This may seem silly, but it’s a reality for some.

Not everybody is confident and proud of their abilities, so they seek outside validation, and this time – at your expense.

3. Cheating due to a broken emotional bond with their partner

This in no ways paints a picture of you.

If there are issues within a relationship, they should be discussed and fixed.

And if fixing doesn’t seem to help, you break up.

You don’t end up cheating.

But some people do.

Some people feel emotionally disconnected from their partner and have a strong urge to have that connection with somebody else, even if it’s not you.

They are committed to your relationship and they wish to make it work, but they need to feel connected the way they no longer feel with you.

So they cheat. They try to fill that void that has started to plague their heart and make excuses to convince themselves they’re doing the right thing.

They just need to feel loved again. And instead of talking about it with you, they seek emotional fulfilment elsewhere.

4. Cheating caused by inability to love

Some people cannot love the way you and I can.

They wish they could and they desperately try, but it just doesn’t happen.

They form a relationship and they convince themselves that this is love. But deep down, they know it isn’t.

They don’t want to hurt you, but they also need to find out if they are capable of feeling love, so they sleep with other people in an attempt to feel something.

They can’t resist the urge to find the thing everyone else has.

This is not a personal thing. They don’t even see the extent of the damage they do to you.

All they want is to find out what love is and feel it in their heart the way you can.

And by having sex with as many people as possible, they are opening themselves up to that possibility.

5. Vengeful cheating

This is the most hurtful one, because it comes from a toxic place.

People cheat in order to be vengeful.

They feel spiteful and want you to feel the way you supposedly made them feel.

You may have made a mistake in the past that they simply never got over.

They may have lied about being okay with something, when in fact they never were, and now they decided to hit you twice as hard.

Some people are just toxic and hurtful and don’t deserve to be with someone with an open mind and heart.

Their mantra is “an eye for an eye” and they take it way too far.

These are the worst kind of cheaters because their sole purpose is to hurt you as much as they can, not caring about how inhumane it makes them.