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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Unusually Picky In Love

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Unusually Picky In Love


Leo’s standards are sky high, and we wouldn’t expect any less from a king.

Things just have to add up, and physical and emotional attraction have to coexist, so Leo would give a relationship a chance.

They take relationships seriously.

That’s why they take their time when choosing a mate.

But once they decide to take that step, they are all in.


It’s not that they are picky because they are superficial, far from it.

Libra’s pickiness comes from their indecisive nature.

They weigh all the pros and cons, fears and possibilities, and all the what-ifs before making their final decisions to date somebody.

Usually, Libras don’t rush into relationships or anything else for that matter.

But if they contemplate too long, the relationship won’t happen.

They need chemistry and the feeling of safety right from the start.


Aquarians are not made for mediocre things.

That’s why they will wait for somebody they consider unique and special, somebody who is able to seduce their mind as well as their body, and they won’t settle for less.

They are drawn to people who stay true to themselves no matter what and don’t fall into stereotypes.

That’s why their partner is someone who is mainly on the same intellectual level, possesses high moral values, and definitely their kind of a hottie, and it might take them a long while to pick somebody who is all that.


While Scorpios aren’t picky when it comes to casual hookups, they are unusually picky when it comes to the type of person they will start a relationship with.

They are highly sexual, and connecting with somebody on that level is important, but it’s just a small part of a big picture.

They also want somebody who will get the things they don’t say, someone who will be kinky in private and angel-like in public, and of course someone who loves them, appreciates them, and makes them feel special.

Needless to say that the person they want is not so easy to find.

They really need their soulmates, only then they’ll have someone who will get them on every level.


Picking somebody they will enter into a relationship with is a complex process for Virgos.

They are perfectionists. They expect a lot from themselves, and they expect even more from their partners.

Their standards are high, and not anyone can reach them.

The good side of their pickiness is that refuse to date somebody who treats them as an option and keeps them on a bench.

They want reciprocity and someone who will want them just as bad or they are out of there.