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These 6 Signs Are Absolute Masters Of Sending Mixed Signals

These 6 Signs Are Absolute Masters Of Sending Mixed Signals

Are you wondering who is an absolute nightmare to date?

Who is completely unreliable when it comes to feelings?

Check it out!


If they are faced with a choice, then you’re screwed.

You’ll never get your answer because Librans are completely indecisive.

Not only that they can’t decide what they want or how but when they end up deciding what they want, that is not definite either.

They change their mind as the wind blows.

You never know where you stand with a Libran.

One moment they fall in love and love that person the most in the whole wide world and the next moment, they are so not into that person anymore.

Why? God knows! 


Aquarians like a world of their own.

They play by their own rules and they couldn’t give a damn about what others think.

In the spirit of their mindset, they are completely clueless about sending mixed signals.

They are indecisive, truth be told, not as Librans are but they are high up the scale as well.

Aquarians are driven by their realistic analytical side although their emotional side is not excluded.

That is where the problem lies. They cannot make up their mind.

Once they decide to listen to their rational side, the emotional one gets in the way, thus creating mixed signals.



When they realize what they want, they turn into extremely passionate human beings.

But up to that point, they are absolutely closed off inside themselves, very protective of their emotions and their secrets. 

When you get their trust, they will be devoted to you only but their mixed signals will get in the way.

You have to be very careful with a Scorpio.

Even with the smallest wrong word or action made, they will turn against you right away.


Gemini traditionally can’t decide for themselves what they want or who they are.

Both sides equally distributed within them, it’s up to luck which side you’re going to encounter.

In everyday relationships, this is not such a big problem but what happens when it comes to romance?

One day, they are totally head over heels in love with you, they adore you and can’t imagine their life without you.

But on other days, they can’t stand the very sight of you.

That is the struggle going on within them and you shouldn’t take it to heart.

At the end of the day, they are struggling to be the best they can. 


Cancers are a bit insecure and when they want to say something, it usually comes out the wrong way.

That’s where their problems with sending mixed signals begin.

They are the first to blame everything on communication misunderstandings. 

When they are hurt, they will close off inside themselves and become moody.

That moodiness is anything but attractive and usually, it pushes people away from them and that includes the senseless decisions they make while in that isolated state.


Their biggest flaw is that they don’t think before they act.

They can promise you the world and the next day, they are off on an adventure in a foreign country without even letting you know.

They are not that reliable and their word cannot be taken seriously.

They break their promises. 

Sags love their freedom and they will never truly and fully commit to just one thing.

Maybe deep down inside they want to but it’s against their nature and who they really are.