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These 6 Zodiac Couples Have The Steamiest Sex

These 6 Zodiac Couples Have The Steamiest Sex

Aries and Pisces

This is one of the best sex pairings and they know it. They click from the first second and every minute spent together is full of sexual tension no sane man would put up with.

Aries is known to be bold and dynamic while Pisces focuses more on the emotional side.

That makes them perfect sex buddies and every experience they have is like discovering something new. They are always hungry for sex and they will literally do it anywhere.

If one of them gets turned on, it won’t be hard to make the other one want to have sex too.

This couple is so crazy that they would even escape from an important event just to have a quickie.

Sex is like a drug for them and they need to have it in order to calm down.

They like to experiment so don’t be surprised if you catch these two in an awkward situation when you least expect it. Some things really can’t wait!

Taurus and Capricorn

When these two have sex, the whole neighborhood can hear it. Both of them are pretty vocal and they enjoy every second spent in bed.

They like using different sex toys and they like playing roles and each being submissive or dominant.

They will gladly try anything new that they can and they will feel great about it.

Both of them are known to be turned on by small things so they won’t need a lot of reasons to have sex.

They will do it in the craziest places and every time they try something new, it will take their relationship to a whole new level.

Their sex style is full of moaning, screaming, blindfolding and fluids.

It turns them on when they do it in places where they are not allowed or where they can be easily caught.

That just increases their adrenaline that makes them feel alive and ready for some more sex!

Gemini and Aquarius

These two are not only vocal but they brag about the crazy things they do in bed.

Gemini will seduce Aquarius with some dirty talk and a striptease while Aquarius will entertain Gemini all night long.

This couple can’t go without having sex because every night ends in this way. I don’t even think a factory of condoms would be sufficient for their sexual needs.

Since a Gemini is playful and cheerful, they will focus more on foreplay by teasing and seducing Aquarius.

On the other hand, Aquarius will reciprocate with steamy sex that will suck all the energy out of both of them.

They are willing to stay at home and experiment more than going out and hanging out with their friends.

This phase will be popular at the beginning of their relationship while they will later learn to control their raw passion.

Cancer and Sagittarius

This couple is a great pairing because they can learn from each other.

Cancer is all about the emotional bond while Sag is dirty to the bone. That makes them a perfect combination and they know it.

Every sexual experience is completely new for both of them because not only do they learn about the other side but about themselves as well.

They have tried having sex in all sorts of places but they like it most in the comfort of their own home.

They are all in for anything, from S&M to licking food off each other and trying different sex toys.

They have sex multiple times a day and they feel great about it.

They always listen to their partner’s needs and they will gladly fulfill them if they feel comfortable doing so.

Their sexual experience is what every person wants to possess but you can’t get all the great things if you don’t work hard for them, right?

Leo and Libra

Is it getting hot in here or am I wrong? Mixing the king of the jungle with a curious Libran can bring you things you never expected.

Leo likes to show off with their sexual skills and they will go the extra mile so you can remember them as the best fuck buddy you have ever had.

On the other hand, Libra will seduce you with her body in ways you didn’t know existed. Both of them like to express their love through sex and they do so often.

When they are together, they can’t take their hands off each other. They can never get enough of each other and that is why they are such a perfect combination.

The sex they have is insane because they do it literally anywhere and in sex positions you didn’t know existed.

Maybe it would be good to add some sex positions they invented to the Kama Sutra book because they are rocking them all.

Virgo and Scorpio

Pure and clean Virgo and kinky Scorpio make the ideal sex pairing.

They always make sure to take sex to a whole new level and to make every experience an unforgettable one.

There are some sex positions that other people haven’t heard of that they practice all the time.

And no, they are not too lazy to try new things. It is because they are so crazy about each other and they are willing to do anything that works for them in bed.

They are known to have sex first thing in the morning so they can start the day fresh and in a good mood.

Their sexual appetite is pretty high so they will do it wherever they can.

They will even flirt with each other in front of their friends so they can fuck later in ways so steamy that you can’t even imagine.

They are crazy and they know it but they don’t care.

They live life to the fullest and they feel great about it. As long as they can have sex together, they will be in a good mood.

They have obviously found their remedy for a bad mood! And that is what matters the most, right?