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This Is How You Made Me Believe In Forever Again

This Is How You Made Me Believe In Forever Again

I love the way forever sounds. I love the way that even though it’s not a palpable thing, it instills this feeling of security and comfort between two people.

I love how saying it feels like a snug, sunny day on the coldest of winters. I love the way it always makes me think of home, no matter where I am, and feels like smooth silk against my shriveled skin.

It is like an unwritten vow of promise and hope, during the best and most challenging days of our lives. And when I think of forever, the only thing on my mind now is you.

I love how I no longer fear the unknown when I’m standing by your side. I love how you have erased all of my insecurities and fears of everything that word brings. I love how I no longer flinch at the mention of spending my forever with someone because I am not scared anymore. You have become my lifeline and my hope in this world where hope is hard to find.

Before you, I was in no rush to find love. I didn’t feel prepared to share my thoughts and dreams with anyone. I didn’t think I could intertwine my life with someone else’s and stay the same carefree girl that I was. I always believed it would require so much sacrifice and that I would have to lose a little part of me if I wanted to find someone to share my life with.

I wasn’t expecting to find someone who would make me feel so complete without ever having to give up any part of me. But most of all, I never expected it to feel this damn good.

I wasn’t looking to fall for someone and make him my safe harbor, like you now are. I wasn’t looking to glance into someone’s eyes and just instantly feel this calm and peace take over my body and soul, and just know… know that I needn’t look any further. My forever was looking me right in the eyes, and I knew that my heart could rest at last.

But there you were, and suddenly, all of my panic and fright ceased to exist. You brought an unparalleled calmness into my life that has not yet left, nor do I feel it ever will. You brought magic that I didn’t believe was possible and made me see the world in a different color. Who knew how vivid and evocative life could appear with the right person by your side?

You make me believe in forever. You make it seem possible and so easy to hold onto one another without dwelling on the past or fretting about the future. With you, all I see is now. And the only thing I care about is living in the present and focusing on keeping each other happy and sane in this whirlwind life we’re living.

When I’m dreaming, you’re the only one I dream of. When you’re not here, I can feel your warmth and gentle touch all over my tingling body… When I think of you, my entire soul is on fire, and I feel this inexplicable elation that I know you exist in this world, and more importantly – that you’re mine, and I never have to share you with anyone.

With you, I never worry about the things that are beyond my control. With you, I never sweat the unimportant stuff. I feel more secure in your arms than I have ever felt before. The only thing on my mind when I’m with you is how the hell did I get so lucky to find someone so special in this world of temporary people?

You’ve made me feel so safe. With you, I feel assured that we are going to last a long, long time. I no longer worry. You have calmed my fiery spirit and instilled a sense of harmony in my once hurried life.

And now, I am relishing this solid and untouchable unity I feel with you, and I’m only looking forward. The future with you seems so bright, and I never want to look back again.