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This Is How You’ll Mess Up A Perfectly Good Relationship

This Is How You’ll Mess Up A Perfectly Good Relationship

You are on cloud nine. Your partner is the best person you have ever met. He is your soulmate, and you are sure that your love will last forever.

For some reason, you cannot quite understand why your girlfriends are constantly complaining about their partners. They are not satisfied, and , most certainly, they are not happy.

As the good friend that you are, you try going out with them and providing them with comfort and pieces of advice. You cannot tell them that you understand them completely because you actually don’t.

Your man is treating you well. He is cherishing you and caring about you in ways you have always wanted. You would not replace him for the most handsome guy in the world.

Or maybe you would?

It is shown on TV and everywhere we turn we can see how a perfect relationship should look. Men should be rich and make sure that their women live in luxury. Your hear your girlfriends complaining about not getting expensive gifts for their birthdays or for not being invited to a tropical country over the summer holidays.

Dissatisfaction about our men not being as perfect as those we see on TV is on the rise. Everywhere we turn around we notice that our relationships are not like what they are supposed to look like.

This is how a good relationship is messed up. You start comparing your man to other men, the seemingly perfect men.

You begin recalling all those birthdays when you did not receive expensive gifts and all those summer holidays you had to spend at home. And you are disappointed.

But, let’s not forget this! That man who did not buy you an expensive gift for your birthday did remember it was your birthday. He did say he loved you. He did work his ass off so you could have a decent life.

That man you have started being dissatisfied with is the one who was (and still is) always there for you. He was your soulmate until you started putting a price on him.

Be honest with yourself!

Take a moment to appreciate all those wonderful things your man does for you. Stop comparing him to others, and you will clearly see that he is all you have ever wanted.

Don’t lose him over stupid things and don’t mess your relationship up! Don’t lose a good man because if you do, that would be the worst decision in your life.