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This Is What He Needs For A Successful Relationship, Based On His Zodiac Sign

This Is What He Needs For A Successful Relationship, Based On His Zodiac Sign


He needs communication. He can’t read your mind. When you want something, you need to spit it out.

You need to be vocal and clear about your intentions and your needs.

When you present exactly what you want without beating around the bush, he will be able to give you as much as he can.

Just be transparent, and say what is on your mind. 


Taurus doesn’t give out his trust to just anyone. Moreover, it takes a lot for them to gain trust in someone and to keep it.

But, once they do, you have it for the rest of your life. 

Now, to make a relationship work with a Taurus, the recipe is simple.

You need to establish a stronger bond and really show him you are trustworthy. 


He needs you to show your feelings. Don’t hide your feelings, and don’t hide behind a happy face when you’re sad.

Gemini hate lying and dishonest people. They won’t respect you if you’re not straight up open with them.

That’s why it’s wise for you to show him your vulnerable side if you want a perfect relationship with the man you’re in love with. 


Emotional Cancers are always looking for more intimacy than they usually get.

In other words, there’s never enough cuddling and emotional outpouring of feelings when it comes to them.

It’s one thing when they ask for too much, but it’s completely another if they ask for enough to make them happy.

If you’re distant by nature, either make it work by opening up or just leave. Cancer is asking for deeper intimacy.



Leos are not usually relationship types, but when they fall in love, they will definitely make time for that special someone in their life. 

If by any chance you don’t give him as much as time as he gives you, in time, a Leo will back up and probably leave you.

All he wants for a relationship to work is more quality time with the person he loves.


A Virgo wants to connect with the person they are interested in on all possible levels.

If he has a romantic relationship that’s just on a physical level, he will want more.

A Virgo will want a true friendship with you. This makes sense.

If you want a perfect relationship, you need to be best friends with your partner before anything else.


All a Libra man wants is a transparent relationship. He can’t stand lies, even white ones.

He hates hiding of any kind, especially hiding how you feel and what is on your mind. 

If you want a perfect relationship with a Libra man, you’re going to have to tear down all the walls you’ve built for whatever reason.

If that means you’ll have to risk getting hurt again, then do it. A Libra man is worth the risk.


Scorpio is quite a needy sign but not in a bad way. Before they fall in love for real, it’s extremely hard to get them to open up and trust someone. Their vengeful nature makes it so much harder. 

Once that step is completed, you’re almost done. Yes, dating a Scorpio will take up a lot of your time and energy.

Basically, the only thing a Scorpio wants is more affection in a relationship. 


Sags are dubious by nature, although the fact that they’ve been betrayed quite a few times doesn’t work in the favor of them trusting—and that goes for pretty much anyone.

If you want to keep a Sagittarius, you’re going to have to keep your promises as much as you can.

You can make a mistake once or twice, but if it becomes a pattern, they are not going to get over it that easily.


Capricorns are quite proud and fierce creatures who know what they want, and most importantly, they will make a bullet-proof plan for how to get it. 

If you want to impress and lock a Capricorn man’s heart, all you need to show him is that not only do you love him, but you also have a deep respect for him. 



Aquarius men are men of intellect. Emotional connections don’t play that big a role in their relationships as intellectual connections.

If you manage to engage them on the intellectual level, you’ve hit the jackpot.   

However, there is one thing an Aquarius wants from you. If you’re going to argue with them, you’ll have to make an effort to keep your arguments healthy. 


Men born under this Zodiac sign will give their all to make a relationship work. It’s only logical that they expect you to do the same.

Why would they be the only ones trying hard?

So, to create a perfect relationship, you’re going to need to invest a lot of effort into your partner and the relationship you’re in.