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This Is Why He Will Never Find Someone Like You

This Is Why He Will Never Find Someone Like You

Imagine him with her. Wait. No. Don’t.

You can’t stand the thought, so you end up hating yourself for believing him, for loving him, for letting him become a part of your life.

But none of those things matter today because your mind is only able to focus itself on ‘them’.

The way he might be touching her with those arms that were once exploring every inch of your body.

He is now hers, and he is telling her the same life story that he once told you—how he grew up, how his mother loved him and how his father was always working.

But no matter how much you think about it, you know that neither she nor any other woman will ever be equal to you.

He will never find a woman like you. You might be thinking how we are not such unique creatures and that he must have seen something special in her.

But believe me, he will remember you, and he will wish that every woman he touches was you.

There will never again be a woman so loving and caring that she would dance whenever he got home. Because you did that!

man and woman looking at opened book

Your happiness would always show itself when he was around you.

The way you would welcome him every single day made him feel like there was no home but you.

For some reason, he thought that he had to leave you, that he had to grow apart, and he did, leaving you alone and vulnerable. He left you broken and bruised.

But he will never forget that in your arms, he felt like he was in heaven.

It was you who supported all of his wildest dreams and all of his ambitions. It was you who gave him the motivation and courage to go for what he believed in.

No one would have ever done the same things for him like you did. That’s why you have to remember that he will miss you. He will think of you, and he will want only you.

Weren’t you the one staying up all night just to see if he was going to come home safely? You were waiting for that text, for that call, in which he would tell you that he was fine.

You always reminded him to never drive drunk and never get into fights, but he would still go for it, and it’s fine that you were concerned.

woman trying to get off drink from drunk husband

The thing is that he would call very rarely. He would forget about you because his biggest issue was the fact that he was hugging the toilet on the bathroom floor.

But you forgave him. You forgave him everything! There is no woman out there strong enough to do that.

There is no woman that will love him so unconditionally like you did!

You forgave him even at times when he didn’t deserve it, when you knew that you shouldn’t, but you still did—because you loved him too much!

If there is one thing he will miss the most, it will be how you understood him!

You never accused him of anything, nor did you make him explain himself. You believed in him; you trusted him.

calm couple hugging outside

Now it might seem like you were naive, but he will forever think about that, and whenever he has a fight with her, he will talk about you and how you understood him better.

You understood his every failure, triumph, and fear. Even at times when he didn’t understand himself, you were there for him.

There will never come a woman into his life who will be able to surpass you because you even knew him when he was sick.

There was no one to take care of him other than you. It was always you, and it always will be just you.

So don’t cry over a lost love. Don’t cry because he told you that he could be happier with someone else.

None of those things will matter at one point. None of those things will be important because you will forget about him and move on.

But I am not able to say the same thing for him. He will only be able to think of you. But it will be too late.

This Is Why He Will Never Find Someone Like You