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This Is Why He’ll Fall Out Of Love With You, Based On His Zodiac

This Is Why He’ll Fall Out Of Love With You, Based On His Zodiac

What makes men leave a seemingly perfect relationship?

What causes their feelings to die out and them to fall out of love, just like that?

Well, it all depends on the zodiac sign they belong to.


No matter how old an Aries man is, the truth is that he will probably fall out of love with you the moment he sees that he’s won you completely.

This is the zodiac sign who enjoys not knowing where they stand and not being sure about what will happen next.

Aries simply loves playing games, and as soon as your relationship falls into a rut, he will go after his next victim and forget all about you.


The reason why a Taurus will lose interest in someone he deeply cares about is the fact that this person has betrayed his trust.

This sign has to be with a woman he can rely on, no matter what, and the moment he sees that you’re not the person he believed you to be, you’ll be out of his life and heart.


Similar to Aries, Geminis also love the excitement a new relationship brings.

Gemini men have a tendency to fall for mysterious girls who challenge them.

Nevertheless, as soon as this guy figures out that there is actually nothing much hiding at the bottom of your personality, he immediately starts to consider you boring, and he falls out of love with you.


Being one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, Cancer is unlikely to be the first one to fall out of love with their romantic partner.

Instead, he will force himself to forget about you after you leave him and after you move on with your life.

The only thing a Cancer man can do is pretend that he doesn’t care for you anymore when he starts to feel emotionally neglected and unwanted.


Leo is one of the signs which craves constant and undivided attention from their partner.

He needs you to love him, pamper him, and never stop reassuring him that he’s the best guy you’ve ever met.

The moment Leo feels endangered, he walks out, looking for someone new who will admire him.


The reason a Virgo man will fall out of love with you is the fact he sees no future with you.

Despite the depth of his feelings for someone, this guy will always put his brains in front of his heart and make a choice which he thinks might benefit his future.

If you don’t fit his standards, he will leave you, even if that means breaking his own heart in the process.


Libra men don’t enjoy unnecessary arguments.

Instead, what they’re looking for is someone to live a peaceful life next to, without too much turmoil and excitement.

A Libra will fall out of love with you the moment he starts seeing you as a drama queen who is bringing trouble to his life.


If the man of your interest belongs to this sign, he will fall out of love with you the moment he starts feeling insecure about your level of commitment to the relationship.

Scorpios are known to be jealous, and the moment he starts suspecting that he isn’t the only one in your life, he is out.

Don’t forget that this is the sign who thinks of cheating as much more than your just having a physical affair with another man.


A Sagittarius will fall out of love with someone when they start feeling caged and trapped in a relationship.

Everything might be going smoothly, but as soon as he senses that things are becoming too serious and that he is expected to commit, he will run for his life, never to look back.


This is the sign which falls out of love when they see that the other person asks for too much.

Naturally, you want to be at the top of your boyfriend’s priority list, but this is not something you’ll get from a Capricorn.

As soon as he sees that you’re taking too much of his time and energy, he will walk out on you.


When an Aquarius falls out of love with you, you’re unlikely to ever get closure from them.

This is the guy who will chicken out the second he feels that he is losing control around you, and he will escape the relationship, desperately trying to rebuild the walls around his heart that you nearly crushed.


The reason a Pisces man falls out of love with his partner is almost always hidden behind something he’s done.

This is the man who can’t stand being blamed for something, and he prefers leaving rather than dealing with the consequences of his actions.

He hates confronting his own bad actions, so he prefers to continue justifying himself and simply leave.