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This Is Why She Is A Keeper

This Is Why She Is A Keeper

Among those Instagram models that look like one person online and a completely different one in person, between those who decide to devastate themselves each night with alcohol and hook up with the first guy that comes along, and those who are desperately searching for a sugar daddy, you’ve found the one to keep.

You got yourself a grounded girl that loves you, cares for you, that’s faithful, honest, and that seems to be tailored for you.

You probably don’t realize she is a keeper, but these 7 signs should tell you everything:

1. She kisses your fears goodbye

That’s her superpower. She makes you her hero even though you’re perfectly aware you are not perfect. In her eyes, there is not a single flaw in you. No matter how big your fears are, not matter how insecure you might feel, she has your back.

She takes you for a human and she paints you with her own colors, designing a special super-hero logo on your chest. You’re one of a kind for her and nobody else will make you feel that good about yourself.

2. She is reasonable

Ok, she has a small dose of crazy, but which girl doesn’t? If you take away her PMS days and those when the world treats her badly, she’s perfectly reasonable. She gets you and she gets your needs.

She’ll try to reason out every action you make before making a scene and that’s the main reason she gives you a few—or none at all—of those angry episodes in life.

3. She doesn’t hold grudges

Even if you make a mistake and you make her angry—or if just it comes to the point where you can’t get on the same page—those days don’t last forever. Actually, those episodes are barely longer than a day because she’s just not that kind of a person.

She gives her best for you to have the time of your life and she doesn’t see the purpose of holding grudges. If she has a problem, you solve it and you close that chapter in your life forever. There is no going back to it when you stumble upon a new obstacle.

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4. She allows you to breathe

It’s not about oxygen—it’s about you having your personal space. Even though she gets along with your friends and family, she won’t bust in every time you go out with them. She gets that she can’t get in every pore of your life and that she shouldn’t. If that doesn’t make her a keeper, I don’t know what does.

5. Her + You = Insane Chemistry


It’s just something about her that drives you crazy. What’s even more amazing is that it’s mutual. Whatever you feel for her, she feels for you as well.

You’re totally compatible and you are that grown up to communicate your desires to one another. You tend to care for that sparkle between the two of you and that’s why you have insane chemistry.

6. She feels good

…about you. That’s why she’s not giving you a hard time. She knows what she has next to her and she refuses to be insecure when it comes to your feelings. She knows what you feel for her and that’s why you don’t get jealous scenes, no nagging when you get out with your friends, or when you’re off of your phone for a few hours.

….about herself. She knows her value. And therefore she doesn’t give you a hard time when you compliment her—she knows how to handle nice words coming from you. She won’t bug you with her diets or complain constantly about the same insecurities. She’s not perfect, but she feels good about herself.

….about the two of you. She is very much aware of the connection the two of you have together and how it seems that you’re tailored one for another. Ups and downs are something that you have to have in life, but she never doubted you. Because of that, she has time for you and she invests in you as much as you invest in her. She’s not letting go.

7. She doesn’t have unrealistic expectations

Yes, she pushes your limits, but it’s never more than you can handle. She doesn’t want you to maintain her in life or to handle her problems—she can do it on her own. She only needs you to love her as much as she loves you, to respect you as much as she respects you, and to give her your time. It’s not too much to ask, right?

It’s not all about looks. Sometimes in life, we should keep those who make us feel good—not only those who look good next to us. And at the end of the day, you don’t end up with a girl that has great (or firm) boobs, but you end up with somebody who gets you—and that’s perfect. She’s a keeper because she’s pretty outside, but more importantly, she’s a keeper because she’s amazing on the inside.

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