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This Is Why She’s Going To Leave You

This Is Why She’s Going To Leave You

She is going leave you when she realizes that she deserves better. This is the moment when she’ll wake up and know that everything that she goes through with you simply isn’t worth her time or energy anymore. She’s had enough. She deserves more than your lies and she’d rather settle for the bitter truth that might even break her, but it’s still better than being half-loved.

She is going to leave you because of all those unanswered text messages. She just wanted to know how you were and where you were at, she cared for you, she tried to show you how much she loved you, but she kept staring at an empty screen and waiting for you to answer her texts or call her. This was the easiest thing you could’ve done for her but you didn’t. You thought that replying wasn’t that necessary; well, now look at her leaving and remember all those times when your phone was on silent just so you couldn’t hear her calls.

She is going to leave you because she wasn’t your priority. Because of your list of things to do every day, you weren’t able to set aside an hour to spend with her. Believe me, she didn’t ask for more, because she respected you and your job, she respected everything you did but why weren’t you able to dedicate an hour a day to talk to her? You weren’t able to sit down and ask her about her day because you needed to run to the next thing. She deserves more than to be treated as an option. She deserves love, kindness and care. She deserves tender kisses and she deserves to feel serenity in your hugs.

She is going to leave you when she realizes that you tried to make her forget who she was. You tried to turn her into a whole new human being, someone who’s going to obey you, someone who will run after you and do whatever you want her to. But no, she’s much smarter than that. She knows she’s magic and she knows her own worth. Your little games won’t make an impact on her anymore.

She is going to leave you when she’s had enough. Your harsh words and your lack of interest are going to push her away to the point where she isn’t afraid to leave you anymore. She’s had enough of everything you’ve made her believe to be love. She finally knows that it was nothing more than a show that played out in front of her.

She is going to leave you because she has hope. There was a certain time when she thought that loving you was the only option; she believed that you were the right man for her and that there was no one who could take your place in the future. But she has hope. There is a flame of hope burning inside her that’s telling her to move on because she will be happy in the arms of another. And even if she doesn’t find someone else, she’ll be fine. She knows how to take care of herself. Also, it’s better than being beside you.

She’ll leave you and never come back. When a strong woman leaves, there is no going back for her. She’s going to leave you for good. No more dimming her light, no more looking in your eyes and melting. No more hurt and pain. She’s done with you and she won’t look back ever again. This is what you’ve done to the only woman who was ready to do anything it took to keep you happy. But in the process, she lost her own happiness and that was the breaking point. She’s leaving you.