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This Is Why She’s Sick Of Playing Games

This Is Why She’s Sick Of Playing Games

There is this girl who has simply had enough of everything. She has had enough of dating and of trying to get to know someone new. And everyone keeps wondering why that is so.

Well, let me tell you that she’s sick of playing games that have obviously become a part of the dating world and that she would rather be alone than with someone who will play with her mind and heart and with someone who will just lead her on until she falls for him.

Because every guy she has ever been involved with tried to play some sick mind games with her and because she is sick of trying to understand what some guy’s hot and cold behavior means.

And when she was younger, she tried to be a part of those games. But as she grew older, she saw that the only person who somehow always got out of these relationships hurt was her.

She saw that this was not something she knew how to handle and that these games were simply not her cup of tea.

Because despite the fact that she has given up on ever finding her soulmate, deep down she still believes in true love.

And she doesn’t want to be considered foolish for that. Instead of being ridiculed for her feelings, she wants to find someone who also has faith in love and someone who will accept her for who she really is.

Because she is tired of pretending to be something she is obviously not. She is tired of having to build walls around her soul and heart to keep all the toxic and wrong people out.

She is tired of having to pretend she is some tough girl because she is scared somebody will use her weaknesses against her.

She just needs someone to whom she can show her vulnerable side, without the fear of being taken advantage of.

She needs someone she can tell how she really feelsa guy who won’t think she is too needy or extremely clingy just because she fell for him and just because she has the need to tell him that.

She needs a man whom she can show that she is actually an innocent, sensitive girl and who won’t consider her pathetic for being that way.

She needs someone who won’t have trouble expressing his love for her and someone who will never ridicule her true emotions.

Because she hates modern dating and because she is sick of these almost relationships, casual flings, friends with benefits and no strings attached kinds of relationships.

Because she likes to know where she stands and because she doesn’t like to blend in with the masses, just to fit the social stereotype.

You may call her old-fashioned but she wants to be someone’s girlfriend, she wants to commit and she doesn’t have any problem with labeling things.

Because she doesn’t enjoy playing hard to get. She doesn’t need you chasing her so she could boost her ego and self-confidence.

Instead, she needs someone she can be comfortable around, someone who will love her even at her worst and someone who won’t judge every move she makes.

She wants to respond to your text as soon as she sees it and she doesn’t want to wait a certain amount of time before she returns your phone call.

She doesn’t mind putting an enormous amount of effort into a relationship that will be worthy of her energy and time but she expects you to do the same.

Because she wants to finally have someone to always be there for her. She wants to have someone who will support her no matter what and someone who will push her forward, without trying to change her.

She needs a man who will go shoulder to shoulder with her through life and who will hold her hand whenever something goes wrong.

She doesn’t need a boy who will back out on her as soon as things get roughshe wants someone she can always count on, someone she could rely on and someone who will stay by her side through good and bad days.