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This Is Your Biggest Insecurity According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Your Biggest Insecurity According To Your Zodiac Sign


This zodiac sign likes to be the first one in everything. They like to be role models for the rest of their friends, and they easily get offended if someone leaves them out unintentionally.

They feel good when others see them as someone they can trust, and they give their best to help people.

They like the idea that someone else asks advice of them because they feel powerful in that situation.

But while developing their perfect lives, they often forget that things being left out of something important can really hurt them.

In fact, that is their biggest insecurity, and when it happens, they need a lot of time to get on track again.


A Taurus is one strong and independent person who never gives up on their dreams so easily.

They are goal-oriented, and they don’t mind chasing their dreams because that is what gives them enormous satisfaction.

But in all that mess called life, they often think about the future and their position in business and private life.

They are most afraid that they won’t get the stability they need and that things won’t work in their favor.

Even if they are cheerful and easy going, they can sometimes totally pull away from others, questioning life and making plans for the future.


This sign likes to know everything that happens around them and soak up all the information.

They are the same in their business and private lives. When they are in business, they want their co-workers to keep them updated about everything that happens while they are not there.

Also, when we are talking about their love life, they are not anything different there.

They always want to know how their partner feels and what their plans are. Gemini doesn’t leave anything to destiny, but they always make plan A and plan B just to make sure everything turns out good in the end.

Their biggest insecurity is that they will get abandoned by all the important people in their life.

And no matter if you try to convince them that something like that won’t happen, they simply won’t trust you.


This is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, and they always have their hearts on their sleeve.

They love people and often don’t see their bad intentions.

That’s why they always get hurt and disappointed in people around them. Their biggest insecurity is that they will be left alone and that nobody will love them.

Cancerians are prone to underestimating themselves. They think they are not worthy, not good enough and that people will leave them because they always get into trouble.

They can get very emotional when they see old people who were left by their family members, and they are afraid they will end up like that.

And no matter how much they try to forget and not think about that, those negative thoughts rise up all the time.


Leos, also known as kings of the jungle, are born leaders. They always show to the world that they have it all figured out even if they don’t have any idea how to solve a problem.

But what people see from the outside is what matters the most to them, and that’s why they are able to have that poker face all the time even though they are falling apart from the inside.

Their biggest insecurity is that they will be invisible, especially to people they really love.

They think that somewhere along the road there will come someone who is far better than them and that his loved ones will turn to that person.

They want to be all mighty and strong enough to do everything that life puts in front of them.

Asking someone for some help is something they would never do, even at the price of their own happiness.


This zodiac sign is someone who wants to have everything under control all the time.

They are real perfectionists, and when they lose control over their lives, they don’t feel good at all.

They need to have all the information about the business they run because that is the only way they will be able to sleep calmly.

Because of their enormous wish for perfection and control, they are most afraid that people might criticize them.

They think in that way because they are big critics of themselves, and nothing is good enough for them.

Accomplishments other people would kill for are not so important for them, and they always strive for more.

And in most cases, that drains them to the maximum.


This sign is someone who will go all the way to make people like them.

They will even pretend to be someone they are not just to get more fans because they feel good when they are surrounded by people.

And because of this great wish for approval of people that are not so important in their lives, their biggest insecurity is that others won’t accept them.

That’s why they change and adjust to others and neglect their wishes and cravings.

They always want others to feel good, and they don’t care about themselves so much.

That’s why they end up depressed and frustrated. And those are pretty negative feelings that can affect them a lot.


This sign is someone who always struggles to trust people. You never believe what others say, thinking that they just want to hurt you.

No matter if we are talking about your business life or your love life, you will always be a bit suspicious, and you will want to check every piece of information that you get.

This can be good sometimes, especially because we are living in a cruel world, but if you continue to live like this, you will totally burn out.

You will be so paranoid about the simplest things, and you won’t be able to believe even your closest friends.

This is something you can change though, so if you start in time, there is a chance that you can change your perspective about those trust issues.

Remember, life is short and you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, enjoy like every day is your last one.


Can I have your attention, please? This is how Sag functions on a daily basis.

He always wants to be in the spotlight, in the center of attention, and he wants others to admire him.

His biggest insecurity is that people won’t find him interesting anymore and that they will abandon him.

That is something he couldn’t stand since he pays a lot of attention to his social life. He couldn’t stand that his best friends would find another man more interesting than him, trying to spend more time with that guy than with this Sag.

That is something that would totally ruin his self-esteem, and he would never be the same person again.

So, dear Sag, if you are reading this, just know that not all people will like you, but it is up to you if the ones who do will stay in your life or not.


The most important thing for a Capricorn is success.

This zodiac sign will do all that it takes to succeed in his business and his private lives. So you can guess that their biggest insecurity is that they will fail in their goals.

They are so terrified that things won’t work in their favor and that they will mess up something.

And that is something which would hurt them so much because they put a lot of effort into everything they do.

They always want to be the best employees, the best partners, and if someone does things better than them, they will get a bit jealous.

But that is just a healthy jealousy that keeps them on alert all the time.

So, my suggestion would be to stop, breathe and calm down. That is the only way they will keep their common sense.


This sign is known as a free spirit who always seeks some adventure to feed his wild side.

They always do things as they imagine them, and they never listen to what others have to say.

That’s why their biggest insecurity is when they have to commit to someone.

They know in advance that if they do that, they will lose the real them, wild, open-minded and reckless.

And that is something which scares them so much that they sacrifice most of their love relationships because their freedom is much more important to them.

They think that if they are destined to be with someone, it can happen when you are 60 years old and that you should listen to what your heart tells you and act accordingly.


And last but not least—Pisces. This sign is so emotional and sweet and because of their gentle nature, they often get scared that others will think they are too passive.

But just because they are not all over the place and because they don’t talk too much, doesn’t mean that they care less.

In fact, they care even more than those who show it constantly.

But no matter what they do, they think it is not good enough, and they think that with their behavior, they will hurt thepeople they love the most.

That is their biggest insecurity and they simply can’t go over it.

The problem is that that negative way of thinking can really drain them, and they won’t be able to be happy about all the small things that happen in life.