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This Is Your Biggest Relationship Fear, According To Your Zodiac

This Is Your Biggest Relationship Fear, According To Your Zodiac

We all have some deeply rooted fears when it comes to romance. Some of them are irrational and some are consequences of the traumas we’ve been through in the past.

Either way, these fears exist and are real, even if we don’t see them or refuse to accept them.

So, what is your biggest relationship fear? What is the thing that makes you want to run for the hills?


If you’re an Aries, the thing that frightens you the most is losing your independence in a relationship.

You are someone who always needs your own space and time for yourself, and you’re terrified that having a relationship will take that away from you.

Remember that not every love has to necessarily be the possessive type.


Even though you refuse to admit it, the ugly truth about you is that everything has to always go your way.

Therefore, your biggest relationship fear is connected with compromise – you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to make decisions together with someone else.


Geminis fear boredom more than anything in this world.

When it comes to relationships, your scariest nightmare would come true if you and your partner happen to fall into a rut.

You only see yourself with someone who will always remind you what butterflies feel like, but sadly, that kind of person is hard to find


Your biggest relationship fear is that you won’t get back all the love you’re giving to your partner.

You’re scared of being the one who cares more and gives their entire self, while the other person only loves you with half of their heart.


You couldn’t stand even the thought of being cheated on.

Fidelity is so important to you, you’d be thoroughly devastated knowing that the person you love replaced you with someone else.

Your ego would be crushed if you even start thinking that your partner considers someone to be better and more suited for them than you.


What fears in relationships is letting someone in completely.

You’re afraid to let anyone in this world have a chance to get to know your vulnerable sides and weak spots that are hidden underneath your tough exterior that you carry around as a mask.

Even more, you’re scared of your partner seeing your imperfections.


If you belong to this zodiac, your biggest relationship fear is connected with your high standards.

The truth is that you’re not afraid of the other person – you’re scared of yourself.

You fear that you’ll never find someone who will meet all of your expectations and needs.


What you’re afraid of most in relationships is being stabbed in the back and you’re terrified of running into an unloyal partner.

Your biggest relationship fear is actually the other person betraying your trust and friendship, because that is something you could never stand or tolerate.


If you are a Sag, your biggest relationship fear is that of unnecessary drama.

Even though you enjoy excitement more than the average person, the truth is that when you settle down, you do your best to avoid arguments and fights.

You don’t want to lead a boring life, but you don’t need someone robbing you of your inner peace either.


Your biggest relationship fear is allowing your heart to take the lead.

Your feet are always one hundred percent firmly on the ground and you’d hate to lose control over someone who might end up not being worth it.


When it comes to your deepest fears, one of them is definitely connected with romantic relationships.

You might not want to admit this to anyone, including yourself, but the truth is that you’re extremely scared of not being enough.

You’re terrified of the other person not accepting the true you and, most of all, you’re afraid of caving under the pressure and agreeing to change the essence of your personality.


If you’re a Pisces, you’re afraid of getting hurt and having your heart broken.

Of course, this is something we all want to avoid, but when it comes to this zodiac sign, this fear literally paralyzes you.

At the end of the day, you’d rather stay alone and chase away someone who means a lot to you then give them the chance to emotionally damage you.

This Is Your Biggest Relationship Fear, According To Your Zodiac