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This Is Your Love Language, According To Your Zodiac

This Is Your Love Language, According To Your Zodiac

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the five love languages: physical touch, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, and acts of service.

All of us use these languages to express our affection and love for the other person.

However, what you probably don’t know is what is your love language?

How do you show that you care for someone, and what is the love language you respond to best?


When it comes to Aries, out of all the love languages, physical touch is something you both need and enjoy at the same time.

You are someone who has to be physically attracted to the other sex before you can like them as a person, and physical contact is one of your favorite types of communication.


If you belong to this zodiac sign, receiving gifts are without a doubt your love language.

People around you consider you to be materialistic, but the truth is that you just think ahead.

If it happens that your relationship fails sometime in the future, you want to make sure you’ll always have something to remind you of your former romantic partner.


Geminis are considered to be the zodiac sign which is always sure about themselves and which can’t be put down so easily, but the truth is that they crave words of affirmation more than other signs, even though things doesn’t look like that.

You’re the sign which enjoys compliments, and sweetalking is a sure way to capture your heart.


When you love someone, you redirect all of your energy and attention to them.

This is the only person on your mind and the only one with whom you’d like to spend every second of your day.

That is exactly why your love language is quality time spent with your loved one, that being the thing that fulfills you the most.


If you belong to this zodiac, you expect everyone around you to pamper you all the time.

And your romantic partner is no exception. According to you, they should spoil you in different ways.

That is why you see receiving gifts as the biggest proof of your partner’s love for you.


For you, the love language you cherish the most is acts of service.

You are a pragmatic and practical sign, and you don’t need someone promising their love to you while they aren’t doing anything to prove that they are serious about their feelings.

Instead of appreciating your partner’s words, you focus more on their deeds and concrete actions.


Even though indecisiveness is one thing almost everyone connects with this zodiac, you are someone who has no doubt about your preferred love language.

Quality time spent with your partner is something you enjoy the most, and nothing else can replace it.


Being one of the most passionate signs of the entire zodiac, it’s no wonder that physical touch is your love language.

For your romantic relationship to work out, you and your significant other simply have to connect on a physical level as well.

Yes, sex is important to you, but you are also aware that there are much more intimate things you can do with your loved one besides that.


You are someone who is always searching for adventure.

Nevertheless, when you fall in love, you want to have someone you can share your exciting life with, and that is exactly why quality time is your love language.


For this sign, career and personal progress is everything.

Similar to Virgo, you are also very pragmatic, and acts of service always mean more to you than some love declarations which you see as nothing but empty, meaningless words.


Even though others don’t see you as a sensitive sign, the truth is that you need to know how much your partner cares for you.

You need them to reassure you of their love more than the average person.

Consequently, words of affirmation is the language which makes you feel special, loved, and wanted the most.


You’re an empath, so you don’t have trouble figuring out what the other person is feeling.

Therefore, you don’t need your partner telling you how much they love you all the time, since you rely on your intuition to tell you if that is the case or not.

However, what you do consider as valid proof of their emotions is the fact that they make space in their life to spend some quality time with you.