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How You Treat Your Ex According To Your Zodiac Sign

How You Treat Your Ex According To Your Zodiac Sign

The way you treat your ex after breaking up with them can say a lot about your character. Find out what your zodiac sign reveals about how you treat your ex:


You always tend to keep in touch with your ex, no matter what. You don’t necessarily stay friends, but you know that you two loved each other and you don’t want to just throw your ex and those memories away.


You were stubborn during and after the relationship. You were always the one setting the boundaries and even now you’re putting a clear line in the territory of what’s yours and what’s his. Also having mutual friends or activities is out of the question for you.


Because you’re so emotional, it’s hard for you to forget your ex, but you soon realize that the only way of forgetting someone who you once loved is by finding someone else. And you do that in no time.


You will have such a hard time getting over your ex. You will cry a lot while looking at your pictures, or while checking his Instagram.

You can’t get away from the idea that he was the perfect guy for you and that you’ll never find someone like him. It will take time for you to understand that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when you do, you’ll be better than new!


A Leo is very self-sufficient and doesn’t moan too much about a lost love. You completely ignore your ex and move on as soon as you can. You love being single because you can enjoy the attention of others again. Also posting a selfie in a tight dress at a party just to make him jealous is something you enjoy doing.

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There is no joking around with you. Once he is your ex, he will stay like that forever. Not only that but you’re gonna ignore every single attempt of your ex trying to crawl back to you, and you will make sure everyone knows what kind of an asshole he is.


When a Libran breaks up with you, it means you messed up big time. Why? Because a Libran is always a nice person and will always give her best to the relationship.

If a Libran does get dumped, she will have a hard time and will spend her time with friends and family to forget about her ex. If she accidentally runs into her ex, she will be sweet and pleasant, even if, deep inside, she wants to kill you.


When someone determines their relationship with a Scorpio like you, it won’t end up well for them. You are short-tempered and it’s just a matter of time when you’re going to explode. His belongings are probably going to suffer, so he better picks up everything he left at your place because otherwise, he’s going to find it in pieces soon.


You don’t cry after a break-up, nor do you care for your ex. If he was worthy enough of you, he would have stuck around. You accept the reality very fast and move on even faster. Very soon you won’t even know what that dude’s name was.


Unfortunately, you can’t let go of your ex that easily. You will either desperately try to get him back or you’ll hunt him down and do your best to turn his life into hell. Even long after your break-up, you’ll blush when you run into your ex; just try to keep your tears or your thirst for blood inside.

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For you, the only way of moving on is to completely cut your ex out of your life. There is no alternative and you’ll delete and destroy everything that will even slightly remind you of him. You won’t be furious at your ex, but still, everything that hurts you needs to get the f*** out of your life.


Even long after the break-up, you still can’t deal with the fact that you two are not together anymore. Emotional outbursts are also nothing new for you, which is why you tend to do some relaxing activities like DIY or hanging out in nature.