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You Were Never My Forever Person, You Were A Lesson I Had To Learn

You Were Never My Forever Person, You Were A Lesson I Had To Learn

It sounds funny now that I am so over you that I ever actually thought that I would never get to this point. To the point where I am indifferent.

I thought the pain would last a lifetime. I thought that I would miss you forever. I thought that this love would never leave my heart. I couldn’t help but feel that way.

It’s like we had our own little world, made for the two of us, and all of a sudden I was standing alone in it. Everything fell apart and I felt dead on the inside. I felt like I would never recover and be myself again.

But I guess deep down I knew that this was bound to happen. Maybe I should have seen this coming. I always felt like I was the one who loved more, the one who gave more without getting the same back. I just didn’t want to face it. I was hoping that I was wrong.

I made a mistake that every girl makes when she is in love. I thought you just needed more time to feel the way I did for you.

I was wrong, I know that now. Time didn’t solve anything–it only made it worse. Your feelings didn’t change. You didn’t change. The only thing that changed was me.

I was never truly happy with you, even though I loved you more than words can say. And I held on to that love for dear life. I couldn’t let it go until I had to, until you left and I was all out of choices.

But thank you for doing that. You really did me a favor. Now I see clearly that you were never my forever person; you were just a lesson I had to learn.

You taught me that time doesn’t change things.

I know now that when things are bad they will only become worse with time. All my hopes and desires won’t change that. I learned that my time has value and I won’t waste it on someone who doesn’t feel the same.

You taught me what true love is not.

I was one of those girls who would do anything for love and not expect anything in return. I know now, even though I didn’t want to hear it then, that love should be reciprocated in all its forms. You should get what you give and never settle for less.

You taught me that I should appreciate myself and my freedom even when I am in a relationship.

We don’t appreciate our freedom nearly enough. We are actually scared to be alone and we shouldn’t be. Being single puts things in a completely new perspective.

I used to put myself last when I was with you. My dreams, my desires, and my life weren’t important anymore. Now I feel more alive than I ever was by your side. Like I got a second chance to-do over my life. I am working on myself for myself. I am constantly finding new ways to make myself happy.

You pushed me to find a way to love myself.

And I thank you for that. I learned to love and appreciate myself more. I learned that I am always stronger than I think. I learned that there is nothing I can’t do. I learned to take life with all that it brings, both good and bad.

You taught me to let go of the things that aren’t right for me.

I learned that I should let go of everyone who doesn’t want to stay. I learned that somebody better will come along. I learned that I should never beg for love. I learned that I should never stay in a bad relationship and hope that things will change.

I learned that there is no one I can’t get over because I got over you.