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What A Man Wants In A Woman – 18 Qualities Of His Dream Woman

What A Man Wants In A Woman – 18 Qualities Of His Dream Woman

Every single woman would love to know what a man wants in a woman. But that has been a tough question for many years.

Even if many scientists are trying to find out the answer, there is something that could help better and that is the gut feeling every single woman has.

Not all men are the same. Different people will like different things. Something that is crucial to one man won’t be that important to another one.

Guys differ and it is pretty normal that they will like different things as well.

Of course, there are things like love, respect and affection that every man will have in common.

But other preferences will definitely differ from man to man.

Since I already mentioned that every single woman should trust her gut, here is what many have highlighted as the most important things every man wants in a woman.

1. He wants someone who will understand him

Every man wants to have a woman who will understand him.

He needs someone who will get him on a deeper level and who will know how he feels as soon as she looks at him.

Many women think that all guys are after only one thing but that is not true.

I am not saying that we don’t live in a world full of fuckboys, emotional manipulators and sociopaths but there are nice guys as well.

You just need to dig a little bit deeper. Once a man finds a woman who will understand him without needing a lot of explanation, he will stick to her.

Every man wants to have his safe haven and once they find a woman like that, they won’t let her go that easy.

Understanding and support make a successful relationship and if you have these two along with love, you can handle every problem that pops up.

2. He wants a woman with a sense of humor

A sense of humor is one of the most important things regarding women. If a woman has a good sense of humor , she is much more appealing to a man.

A conversation with her will go a lot smoother and every man will be able to relax much faster.

Also, if a woman has the ability to break the ice and help to relax the man she is with on a first date , it will be much easier for both of them.

Those are some little things that are actually more important than most people think.

In that way, every woman can control the conversation and know what to say at any moment.

If you are fun and easy to talk to, every man will like you and they will love to spend time with you.

And by spending some time with you, they will have the chance to get to know you better.

Once they do that, they can fall in love with you. And all that can happen sooner than you think.

3. He wants a woman who will also be his best friend

There are all sorts of men. From those who want to just get laid to those who want to make a family nest.

This time, I will focus on the latter. Every guy who seeks a romantic relationship will want to have someone who will be his best friend .

And trust me, having a best friend and a partner in one person is like hitting the jackpot.

That person has to be supportive, caring and loving and get to know him on a deeper level .

Once a guy finds what he has been looking for, he will commit to that person and settle down.

He won’t be interested in spending wild nights out but he will prefer staying at home and cuddling with his other half.

He wants someone who he will be able to rely on. Someone who will always be there, even if he pushes her away because he doesn’t want her to worry.

He wants a woman who won’t give up on him even when he is giving up on himself.

4. He wants a woman who is attractive

Some women won’t be attractive to some men while others will go crazy about them.

It is all about tastes and preferences. But it is not a lie that every man will fall for a woman’s beauty when he sees her.

That is what will make him focus on her in the beginning. But if he doesn’t like her personality, he won’t stay with her in the long run.

He will just have some fun with her and after he gets what he wants, he will leave her.

But a real high-quality woman will always be the reward every man would love to win.

So, along with being attractive, take care of your behavior. Even if your beauty brings you closer to a guy, your bad attitude can separate you faster than you think.

5. He wants a woman who is confident

A confident woman is someone who won’t wait for a man to make her happy but she will do it alone.

She is someone who knows when to put herself first and who will put every man in his place when he deserves it.

Guys like women with high self-confidence because of the vibe that brings them closer to them.

I am not saying those women are intimidating but there is something about them that brings all the boys to their yard.

A confident woman will never let a man control her. She will never settle for less than she deserves.

And she definitely won’t put up with any shit that is being served to her.

Once a man finds a woman like that, he will cherish her because gambling her away would be the stupidest thing he could do.

6. He wants a woman who will have her own life

It is true that both of them will share some things with each other but there are things they should keep for themselves as well.

That is why every man needs a woman who will have her own life and her own interests.

In that way, both of them will be focused on the things they love and they will spend the rest of their time together.

They will be able to support each other in their goals and wishes and to show how they care about each other.

When a woman has her own life , it is much easier to develop a successful love life .

With all these things that make a healthy relationship , no man should worry that something will go wrong.

And even if it does, both partners will be clever enough to handle every problem that might pop up.

7. He wants a woman he will feel good with


Men are just human beings who don’t want to make things complicated. All they want is your love and affection.

They need someone who will be there both in bad and good times. They need a woman who will their lover and their best friend .

What they definitely don’t want is a short-term relationship with someone they met on a social media or dating site.

When they decide to date, they will do it with someone they feel some chemistry with.

Every married man who has a woman like this will tell you it is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

And when you stop and think about it, it is pretty logical. We all want someone who will be there for us and who will understand us, right?

Why would guys be different?

8. He wants a woman who is intelligent


An intelligent woman is so much more desirable than a woman who isn’t. It is true that most men will be attracted by your appearance but your soul and your way of thinking will be what will keep every man close to you forever.

Guys don’t just want arm candy but a woman who they will be able to talk to. She doesn’t have to be a fucking rocket scientist but she should have some basic knowledge.

Otherwise, every man will be bored with a woman like that.

Things will be fine while they are young but once they get older and when their kids go their own way, they will be left alone.

And if a man doesn’t have a woman he can talk to about anything, he won’t be that happy and satisfied.

That’s why men shouldn’t be driven by a woman’s looks but by other things that are more important.

Remember, beauty fades away but a good character and charisma stay forever.

9. He wants a woman who won’t give up on him


Every man’s dream is to have a woman who will fight for him when he is too tired to try anything.

He needs someone who will know him so well that she will come and hug him without asking any questions.

Men are not so open about their feelings and women know that. So, having a woman who will know how to help you without asking too many questions is a real blessing.

Every man will be proud of the woman who stays with him during the bad times. The one who fights for him and for their kids.

The one who falls apart so many times but who gets up in the morning and goes to work as if nothing happened.

Strong men need strong women. Not to compete with them but to be a support to each other.

Once you find someone who is compatible with you in all spheres of your life, you can be positive that you are a truly happy man.

And if you were wondering what women want , I will just say they want exactly the same things as men.

10. He wants a woman who will be loyal


Loyalty is one of the most important things in every relationship. If your partner is not loyal, everything else is in vain.

You can’t develop a healthy relationship with someone who will cheat on you every time they leave the house.

That’s why having a loyal and caring woman in your life is like hitting the jackpot.

A woman like this is what every man wants and needs but in some cases they don’t get a woman like this or their partner changes in the meantime.

Sometimes, they are guilty of certain behavior and sometimes things just don’t work out as they should.

But it is a fact that all men want a woman who won’t stab them in the back when they least expect it.

When you fall in love with that kind of woman, you will know that she will always be there for you and that she won’t do anything that could endanger your relationship.

11. He wants a woman who will be a good mother


It is not a surprise that men want a woman who will be a good mother. She has to have empathy and understanding with kids in order to be a good mom.

Guys think in advance and they can have fun with a lot of girls throughout their life but they will choose a good woman to be their wife in the end.

He won’t choose a woman who stays out late every night. He would rather choose the one who would be devoted to their family and their relationship.

He will be with someone who doesn’t mind going the extra mile for the well-being of their family.

He wants a woman he can introduce to his mom and dad.

The one who he will proudly walk with while others envy him. He wants the one who will be everything that he has been looking for.

And he won’t settle down until he finds a woman like that.

12. He wants a woman who will respect him


You know that saying that love and respect go hand in hand? Well, it is true.

I am not saying love isn’t important because it is but respect is all that stays once love vanishes after some time.

It happens when two people grow old together and they don’t feel the playful kind of love but the mature one instead.

If there is no respect, there is no way your relationship will work out well.

If you don’t cherish the woman you are with, it is in vain to tell her how much you love her.

You need to know her worth, you should know that she could walk away if you don’t give her the treatment she deserves.

Men often treat women like objects but that is the cruelest thing a man can do to a woman.

Even if she said she would always be a part of his life, she is allowed to leave if she doesn’t feel good in that relationship.

And just like every woman wants a man who will respect her, men want the same thing.

13. He wants a woman who accepts him just the way he is


Men just like women want someone who will accept them just the way they are.

So, finding a woman who is okay with your status right now is all you need to be happy. If she knows all your flaws and accepts you like that, she is the one.

She doesn’t care what you could become or how much money you could get in the future.

All she cares about is the man standing in front of her wearing his heart on his sleeve.

And a woman who sees you like that and accepts all of you is one worth fighting for.

She will be the one who will support you and always be there with you.

A woman like that will work on making your relationship successful and will never give up on you.

That’s why every man’s dream is to have someone who will not try to complete him but who will accept him completely. As simple as that.

14. He wants a woman who will be good in bed


Well, every man’s dream is to have a woman who won’t act like a starfish in bed, that is for sure.

He wants someone sensual and who can feel deeply. Guys also like women who initiate sex so if you want your man to go crazy about you, it would be good to start something instead of him.

He will think that you are confident and playful and that you enjoy making love to him.

He will be happy and he won’t even look at other women because he has it all with you.

I am not saying that a woman just needs to be good in bed in order to be a high-value woman.

I am just saying that this is also an important thing when being in a love relationship.

But love, respect and affection are things that every man should seek in a woman. Everything else will come naturally afterward.

15. He wants a woman who will be modest


Modesty is one of the things that we often forget nowadays. But when you think about it, a modest woman won’t be driven by things that don’t matter.

All the materialistic things won’t be important to her if she doesn’t have your love and affection.

You should know that she will marry you to be equal to you.

She doesn’t want you to buy her love with expensive gifts and dinners while you are sleeping in another woman’s bed.

She wants it all or nothing at all. And she will stay with you only under those circumstances.

But if she is modest, try not to take advantage of that. Buy her something from time to time just to show her that you think of her.

A dozen roses will be just fine because a modest woman will cherish them like the most expensive jewelry.

And when you see that she doesn’t want anything but you and your love , don’t let her get away because she is a keeper.

16. He wants a woman who won’t control him


Men don’t want to be with someone who will keep telling them what to do and how to act.

Instead, they need a woman who will let them be themselves. They want a woman who will let them have their freedom just like before the relationship.

I am not saying they should go out every night and do the things that they used to do when they were younger and single.

I am just saying that a man is allowed to spend his free time as he wants.

If he wants to go out with his friends somewhere, he should have the option to do so.

He shouldn’t be afraid of what his wife or girlfriend will think about it.

A relationship should be one of the most beautiful things each of us has and not the source of the stress in our lives.

So, if a man has a woman full of understanding and patience, he will never give up on her.

He will respect and love her and he will have eyes for her only because she has it all for him to be happy.

17. He wants a woman who will be strong when he isn’t


Relationships are beautiful for a large number of reasons. Except for the fact that you feel loved and cherished, you always know that there is someone next to you who will be there in life’s worst moments.

When you are with the right person, they will be strong for you when you are not.

Men often come off as macho guys who don’t have emotions but deep down they are so sensitive.

Some of them are even more sensitive than women but they just hide it.

And even if your guy seems like a man who doesn’t need you to help him, just be there.

Sooner or later he will ask for your help because he won’t be able to handle all of life’s problems alone.

Men need a strong woman to carry them when they fall. And there is nothing bad about that. It is okay to feel deeply, it is okay to cry.

The most important thing is to have the right person next to you who will understand why you do certain things in your life.

When you have someone who knows how you feel by just looking at you, know that you have found your soulmate.

18. He wants a woman who is not afraid to make the first move


No matter whether she tells you she wants another child or that she has organized a road trip, every man will cherish a woman with this spirit.

Guys often don’t do some things because they don’t know how their better half will react to it.

But if you have a woman who does things and then just informs you about them, you are one lucky man.

I know that there are guys who don’t like surprises or their woman to be dominant but there is nothing bad about it.

Every married man will be over the moon if he has a wife who will organize things and surprise him from time to time.

Women like that are strong and confident and they don’t need a man to complete them.

As long as you treat a woman well like that, your life will be the most beautiful love story.