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What Is Energy Protection?

What Is Energy Protection?

Energy protection is a defensive screen around the aura that safeguards our inner and outer space. The invisible energy barrier that we can create protects us from other people’s thoughts and unwanted negative energies, whether they are intentional or unintentional. What many of us do not realize is that: energy intrusion is silent and invisible, yet it can be very powerful. Negative thoughts or behavior from a stranger, family member, friend, or co-worker can be very intense. Unless the aura is protected, it can easily pick up unwanted vibrations, causing anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, illness, plus various other symptoms. “As we become more aware of the energy around us, energy protection should be a way of life”.

Benefits of Energy Protection

Everyone can benefit by applying energy protection. Dealing with those individuals who drain our energy involves developing a commitment to remaining firm, practical and friendly to those who seek to bring us down physically, mentally and emotionally. If we keep our energy at a high level, it will contribute to the body, mind, and spirit, remaining strong and less influenced during our everyday life. When we create a “safe space” around our self, it offers us a comfortable and protective feeling and prevents precious energy loss because of other people or places. When we become more conscious of our life, feelings, and our environment, our rhythm and flow of life become natural and easy occurrences. With energy protection, the everyday challenges of life no longer overwhelm or cripple us. Feelings of peacefulness, creativity, growth, inspiration, confidence, health, and faith become easier to achieve as we overcome everyday obstacles. Our life will change for the better once the unwanted and negative vibrations begin to disappear.

Do You Need Energy Protection?

Ways of identifying a need to safeguard or cleanse your energies are to look at how you feel, and what you experience on a day-to-day basis. Notice if you suffer from any of the following:

1. Do people bring you their troubles?

2. Do you lose a great deal of energy to other people?

3. Do certain people or places leave you feeling drained and tired?

4. Frequent or recurring nightmares?

5. Are you anxious, nervous, or on edge all the time?

6. Do you find it hard to say no?

7. Are you overwhelmed by demands made by other people?

8. Do you feel you have no sense of space for yourself?

9. Do you experience extremes of emotion?

10. Unexpected ongoing fatigue without obvious reasons?

11. Feeling depressed without a reason?

12. Do you have feelings of helplessness?

13. Do you experience unexplained rage?

14. Do you find your mind will not turn off internal talking?

15. Do you experience an inability to concentrate?

16. Are you lacking in boundaries?

17. Do you feel guilty?

18. Do you intuitively feel unsafe, tense or on guard?

19. Do you experience a sense of being humiliated, constricted or attacked?

20. Sudden violent attitude change?

21. Big changes in attitude without valid reasons?

22. Memory loss?

23. Having a feeling of energy loss?

24. Icy cold sensation on some parts or all over your body?

25. Lack of self-confidence?

26. Fear or discomfort from an area or room inside your office or home?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you are open to penetration on a subtle level by the energies of someone else. Gets a pen and paper and list ways in which you feel energy protection can help you every day. By writing them down you become more aware of those draining your energy.

Here is a way to cleanse unwanted energies from your body.

White Light Cleansing

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a chair with both your feet flat on the floor. Begin to focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling at a slow pace. Feel your body becoming calm, balanced, and relaxed. Imagine a circle of white light, wider than your body, hovering several feet above the top of your head. Imagine or visualize this circle of white light slowly moving downward, passing over your body and aura. As this circle of white light moves downward, it traps all the negative emotions, thoughts and any unwanted energies from other individuals who may have attached to your aura. Now feel the circle of white light slowly moving downward until it reaches your feet. The circle of white light will move through your feet and down into the earth beneath you. Feel the circle of white light carrying all the debris from your aura and sending it to the earth to be absorbed and cleansed. Know and trust that the energies are being recycled back into the planet as positive energy. You may repeat this as many times as you wish until you feel your aura cleared of all unwanted energies.

By Barbara E. Savin
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  1. Sandra says:

    thank you for this article…I now realize how I am affected by other people’s energies…