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Which Type Of Fuckboy You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which Type Of Fuckboy You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries (A baby fuckboy)

You fall for men who act like big babies. They avoid responsibility and labeling, so they have a way out of anything at any time given.

They will never admit the two of you are in a relationship so that if he gets bored and wants out, he can leave with no strings attached. They are too selfish to look after anyone other than themselves.

Taurus (Old but hot fuckboy)

Well, the type of man you’re attracted to is not boys; they are men. You hate instability and boys create instability, but men take it away. The other thing is that he is a player.

No matter how old and how grey their beards are, no matter how rich they are (and usually this is more than true), they can rock Taurus’s world. But, don’t let the maturity of an ‘old’ fuckboy fool you. That doesn’t mean he wants a relationship. If he was alone until now, he will probably be alone for the rest of his life.

Gemini (The Lazy Fuckboy)

They put zero effort in any kind of relationship. They will lay back and wait for you to do all the work. The thing is they are so irresistible that you fall into the trap and do everything for them—although you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t blame yourself for attracting this kind of man, but wake up and move on. There is no future there.

Cancer (The Needy Fuckboy)

You are a natural caretaker and you’ve got so much love to give. It makes you who you are and you can’t change it. That’s why you attract needy men; men that are a lot of work but don’t give anything in return.

Then you fall in love and before you know it, they are sucking the life out of you. These men don’t know how to be alone. They need someone to take care of them, and after a while, this becomes exhausting.

Leo (The Aggressively Honest Fuckboy)

If you are going to attract a fuckboy, you are going to attract the aggressively honest one. You don’t take BS from anybody. Manipulations and mind games are not your things and people can’t easily twist you around their little fingers.

If you are going to run into an asshole, it’s better to run into someone who will be honest from the start about their intentions than lie about them and tell you when it’s too late and you’re in it too deep.

Virgo (The intelligent Fuckboy)

Our fuckboy will stimulate both your body and mind. He may be a boy from your class and you can do all sorts of naughty things between the classes and exchange intelligent information during class.

They are the kind of guys that will watch a documentary you were saving for time alone with you. But, of course, don’t expect them to stick around longer than one semester, because underneath it all, they are still just fuckboys.

Libra (The Rich Fuckboy)

You love the nice stuff and if anyone wants any kind of relationship with you, they have to make a huge effort. You want flowers, fancy restaurants—you want it all. And let’s be honest, you deserve it all.

He has to have a good job and a nice income. You know it’s not serious. He is a fuckboy, but if you can’t avoid him, it’s better that he is a rich fuckboy than just a fuckboy.

Scorpio (The Horny Fuckboy)

You are horny AF which means that your fuckboy has to be at least nearly as horny as you are. You need a man who has a nice tool and knows how to use it. Nothing else is that important.

There won’t be broken hearts and tears because both of you will get out of this relationship exactly what you are looking for—good sex with no strings attached.

Sagittarius (The Humorous Fuckboy)

You are jokers and you like good humor. That’s why you attract this kind of man. They love to joke, but the downside to this is that they never take anything seriously.

Although you love to laugh, there are times when you want to be serious and say your feelings out loud, so you expect the same from him. Well, you’re not getting that from him. He is not a fuckboy for no reason.

Capricorn (The Dickface Fuckboy)

You like men that are kind of dicks. They only care about themselves and what they’re wearing and how people perceive them. The reason why they like you is that you’re all-together and classy, but after some time, that doesn’t cut it.

You want more because you know you deserve more. You get the feeling that they don’t care about you and the truth is they probably don’t, but it’s not you, it’s their cold heart.

Aquarius (The Friend Fuckboy)

You really don’t care what other people think of you and that’s why you’re going to do whatever you feel like doing. Fuck your friend? Sure, why not?

But on the other hand, for you to have any kind of relationship with anybody, you have to have a deep connection with that person. That’s why friends work perfectly. The only thing is you should never do it because it never ends well.

Pisces (The Deceiving Fuckboy)

He will pretend to be anything you like him to be just to get into your pants. For example, you are extremely sensitive and deep. You like intelligent people with whom you can have meaningful conversations.

You fall for these men because they pretend to be all those things and they are far from it. They are just very good actors. But, that doesn’t last for long. His insecurity soon sees the light of the day and before you know it, the whole thing is over.

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