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This Is Why He Lies To You Based On His Zodiac Sign

This Is Why He Lies To You Based On His Zodiac Sign


This zodiac sign will probably lie to you because he doesn’t want to argue with you.

He knows that the things he did are not so innocent and that they could hurt you.

That’s why he chooses the cowardly act of lying, thinking it is the best thing he can do. He is not man enough to stand behind his actions.

A man like this will always lie to protect himself, so you should pay attention to his body language to know if he is really lying or not.


Just like in his business life, a Taurus man will lie in his private life to get what he wants.

If he wants to be with you but you don’t like his personality, he will come up with white lies at first.

Once he sees you are still not completely into him, he will start using severe lies to get where he wants to be.

So, don’t be surprised if he tells you one story and you find out the real truth from someone else.

A man like this is capable of doing whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. So, if I were you, I would be careful about how much to trust him.


Are you ready for double trouble? Because when this zodiac sign lies, they will make you think it is all in your head.

It is like you are talking with two different men and each one of them is telling you a different story.

It is very hard to know when they are lying, but you will be sure if you pay attention to their body.

If they nervously start walking all over the room and telling the story over and over again, it is a sign they lie.

They will do it because it is easier to tell a lie than to fight with you over problems.


This sign is very sensitive and emotional, but they also know how to lie well. In most cases, they will do it to make themselves look good.

They won’t tell how something really happened but how they want you to see it. They will use all means necessary to make you believe them.

Crying and sobbing are their favorite tools so count on it.

When they see that you won’t trust them, they will start crying because they know most women fall for that.

But since they don’t have a good memory, you can catch them lying to you if they tell you the same—but slightly changed—story again.


If you don’t know how to lie but you would love to learn it, just ask the master of manipulation how it is done.

They lie so well that professional actors envy them. They will lie to you but not because they are afraid of your reaction.

Instead, they will do it to play with you and with your emotions.

They know how to manipulate and control their partners very well and make them believe they are the crazy ones.

So, if you are in a relationship with the king of the jungle, be on high alert because playing with you is just fun for him, and he doesn’t mind if he breaks your heart by doing so.


The most important thing regarding a Virgo is that he has a great memory. He can remember every single detail of every fight you two had.

He knows everything that a normal man would forget. But Virgo will repeat everything you said and everything he said if you ask him to.

That’s why he can lie well because if you want to lie, you need to have a good memory. Otherwise, you are risking getting caught.

The most important reason he lies in a relationship is his not wanting to hurt his partner for the things he did in the past.

If his ex texted him and he said it was just his friend, he does it to protect the one he loves. And this is a lie we will forgive him this time, right?


Libra will lie to you to avoid your screaming and all that drama in front of his friends.

He will try to calm you down and then explain what actually happened. But his own status among people is what is the most important to him.

He will lie and do all that it takes to look like an innocent child in front of others.

He will lie and manipulate while being in a relationship, but it is all because he loves himself.

It is really hard for him to put others first and that can be seen in his behavior towards women.

If you are in a relationship with him, make sure that he deserves you before you let him put a ring on it.


When you catch a Scorpio lying, they will transform into a totally new person.

They will blame you for everything, and you will feel like you are the crazy one.

They are great manipulators, and even if they always say repeatedly that they don’t like people who lie, they lie more than anyone else.

So, before you conclude that you are the guilty one, pay attention to Scorpio’s body language.

If he nervously starts coughing, he must be lying. Also, not making eye contact can tell you he is not being open about everything.


This man will lie to you and while looking you straight in the eyes. They lie without zero remorse, and they will feel good about it.

When they lie, they feel powerful because making someone believe all they said is a giant success to them.

When they lie, they do it professionally.

They will erase all the evidence that could make them look bad.

So, when you try to tell them that you know everything bad they did to you, they will do their best to convince you it wasn’t their fault.

They are quite tricky, and you should be careful what you say in front of them because they could use it against you.


This sign will try to lie to cover themselves, but they are not quite good at it.

They will tell you the same story about what happened over and over again, and every time they will add some new details.

That is how you will catch them lying.

Their bad side is that when they lie and you figure it out, they start being aggressive toward you.

They will tell you that you are overreacting and that something is wrong with you.

They will use bad language to humiliate you, and they won’t even say they feel sorry about it afterward.

So, when they get mad like this, the best thing you can do is to stay away from them because they could do something they would regret later.


When this sign lies, it is written all over their faces. They are such bad liars. They think they are good at it, but their body language reveals it all.

They don’t lie because they need it but because they are bored and because they want to test your boundaries.

At first, they use white lies in a relationship, but once they see it goes well, they start using more serious lies.

They play on a comfort card, and they will tell you anything so you could believe them.

They are quite tricky, and being involved with them means having to be careful all the time because you never know what is lie and what is the truth.


This sign lies but not as successful as they think. Most lies they tell are just white lies because they are afraid to try something more serious.

They are known to be people who don’t like a lot of fuss around.

They just want their own peace, and they communicate with unknown people only when they need to.

They have their own world and they feel good in it.

In love relationships, they just ask for love and respect, and if they see that is not possible with a certain person, they will just let everything go.

In case they want to avoid hurting you, they will tell little lies that can’t harm anybody.