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I Will Be Fine Without You

I Will Be Fine Without You

I know that you always were less intelligent when it came to me. You thought that I needed you in my life, to be my rock. But the truth is, that I really don’t. I just need myself focused on the things I want to do and the goals I want to achieve.

So, don’t think that I need you.

I never needed you but you refused to understand that. You were too blind to see that I am a strong woman and that I can go through life alone. In fact, sometimes it is better to be alone than in bad company.

So, somehow I have a need to thank you for letting me go. Thank you for giving up on me, because if you hadn’t, I would never know how strong and independent I am.

I know that you thought that I would crave your attention and that I would beg you to come back. I also know that you thought that I wouldn’t be able to find a better man than you.

And be honest and admit that a fact like that hurt you the most. Your boosted ego couldn’t understand that someone else could hug me better than you, kiss me better than you, love me better than you. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that is the truth. I know that I can live without you.

I am perfectly fine in my small, messy world.

I am fine being alone and I don’t want to settle for less than I deserve.
Next time love comes knocking on my door, I will not be so crazy like I was with you. I will give it some time so that I can see that it is the right stuff.

I won’t be so naive to think that every man will love me like I deserve, because I know it won’t always happen and you are the best example of that.

I don’t know what you were thinking when you neglected me, as if something like that would bring me closer to you. For some reason, you thought that I was broken and devastated and that I needed your love to fix me.

Well, I don’t need it, at least not for these reasons. I need your love for something else, but you couldn’t understand that.

You couldn’t understand that I needed you because I loved you and not the other way around.

And please, try to understand for once and for all that I don’t need you to be happy. I fact, I don’t need any man to make me feel like that. I just need to be good with myself and that is all.

As simple as that. So, don’t flatter yourself thinking that you are irreplaceable, because you are not. Some other guy will come and make me feel like I have never felt with you.

Another man will evoke feelings inside of me that I didn’t know I had. Another man will make all my pain go away and you won’t be there to see it. You won’t be there to see how strong and happy I can be with someone else.

Because you let me go, not taking enough time to get to know me well.

So, don’t crawl back to me now, asking me to come back to you again. I am not the same person that I was when I was with you and that is totally fine with me. In fact, I like myself better this way.

So, I am letting you go, like you did with me. Go and find your own luck and I will do the same for myself, because you are not as strong a man as I thought and I don’t want to be with someone who can’t decide what he wants in a relationship.

In the end, I just want to tell you something: “Nothing real can’t be threatened!”

And it turns out that we didn’t have the real thing, so I am letting you go, to go and find someone who will fulfill you. Find someone who will love you more than you can even imagine.

And baby, whatever you do, don’t worry about me, because I will be fine without you!